Lake Cumberland is literally in my backyard. You walk to the end of the field on our farm, and then there's a path that leads you to it in about three minutes time.
I remember being so astonished learning about our lake in my Kentucky history book as a kid, and trying to fathom that people come from all over to see it when my family walks to it almost every day to swim in it during the summer!

We are good friends with a family of sixteen (Yes, you thought I had a lot of siblings. NOPE!) that we met when my dad was doing some construction work on a hotel in Columbia that they partially owned. We stayed in a hotel room for an entire summer, but getting to see this family every day made it so much fun and we got really close in that time period. We left the hotel in the fall of 2013 and didn't see them again until really late fall (almost winter, actually) of 2015.
They came to our house for the first time the other day, and I took them on a tour of our farm and lastly, the lake!

By the time we got there the sun was starting to set, and it was gorgeous.
The sun glared on the water and it sparkled like glitter.
And for the first time in many years I jumped across the rocks that I used to love to play on growing up.
The once baby-blue shade of the sky slowly turned into a navy, with a splash of orange at the horizon.
I stared out into the water and felt so small. Almost even a strange sadness. Maybe it was just overwhelming because I'm not sure why I would feel like that when I was actually really happy.
Same feeling when we went to Cumberland Falls this autumn.
I walked around and felt kind of down at first and I couldn't figure out why. I think it's because my God is so great, and I am so small, and it puts me in a "reality-check", but I like it.
It gives me peace knowing that my God, MY God, is bigger than anything and He fights for me.

Sometimes when I see such miraculous things I feel so incredibly tiny, but it gives me a slight glimpse of how big God is. Whether it's viewing my beautiful Lake Cumberland, seeing a baby be born (honestly, babies are such miracles to me. I almost sob when I see even an ultrasound, and a birth is just a flood tsunami of emotions haha!), or simply looking up and seeing what color God decided to make the sky that day. It's a really awesome feeling.

The sun was setting quickly so we headed back into the wood to get back on our path.
In the forest, it felt like fall, but when we got out there was still snow.
We threw snowballs and laughed on our backs in the white powder till our cheeks were sore.
It was a great evening.

Not sure where I'm going with this mini-rant, but it just started flowing unexpectedly... 
Maybe you'll enjoy my crazy rants anyhow.


So here's some pictures of our little adventure :)

Wooo for our first selfie together!
Kaitlyn is taking the picture, directly behind her is Hannah, and then there's Lisabeth, and I'm in the back!

Messy hair, and laughter.
These rocks filled me with so many memories.
They were so much bigger when I was younger, though...
Crazy how things get smaller to you when you grow up.

Hannah and I enjoying our stunner-of-a-view.

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  1. That looks so amazing! Reading this post made me realize that we live like less than a days drive away from eachother. xD



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