tonight I went through old photos
for the millionth time over
but this time, the nostalgia was stronger.
I didn't expect to sit and bawl,
but I did.
too many memories that I can't have back,
too many people I never see anymore.
so many friendships that ended for a reason, 
but I still want back.
I miss last year.
summer had such a beautiful feeling to it.
my heart ached as my teardrops then fell on a picture
that captured the most cosmic hug.
I ask myself,
"where did time go?!"
"can't I just relive it once?!"
not sure why I asked the latter,
for I know the answer.

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  1. This post touched me. Although I am very happy where I am, I really connect with what you said. Last summer was the best time of my life, and looking at the pictures makes me wonder if this summer will live up to it. Beautiful words and lovely blog!

    Hannah ~Grace in Everything~

    1. Awh!!! That made me so happy!! :)
      And I agree. I am happy where I am too and excited for what this year will bring, but 2015 is close to my heart <3

  2. wow this. i might just have a big dagger mark in my heart from this.

    1. ABBIEEEEE! Bless you. Thank you :)

  3. ugh. wow, i so connect with this. thank you so much for posting this ❤️

    1. You are so welcome :) I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed this. Really makes me happy. :)

  4. Ok so I'm just now commenting because I read this a while back and i started crying, this touched me because it's my life pretty much. Friends moving on but without you? So you only have photo evidence to prove they were once a part of your life. And you relive the memories thinking "gosh I should have treated them better" but really it wasn't your fault that they left. They decided to leave. I have to tell myself this pretty much everyday.

    1. Your comment made me so happy because this meant something to you. WAH. Made my day. Sad you have these feelings too, but very happy you could relate to my little piece of bad writing.

    2. Bad writing?!? If I could write like you I would never complain about life like ever again?!? I can't write like at all. Bae you is amazing.

    3. BAHAHAHAHAHA! OKay, so, your comment made me smile. A lot. AND WUT R U TLKIN 'BOUT?! YOUR BLOG IS LIKE A FAVE?!?! You're quite amazing yourself, Miss MaryKate ;)


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