The Blimey Cow podcasts while I watercolor!
It's great if you're like me and are an avid watcher on YouTube, and don't have any new videos to watch!
And not to mention it's hilarious and seriously entertaining *laughing emojis*
Warning: You may get weird stares from your family as they watch you laugh and they don't understand why.

Listening to....
So many new bands! I have thoroughly enjoyed finding new music.
My most recent band-finds are:
i. The Dust of Men. (Easily on my top four favorite bands list. That good.)
ii. We Are Messengers. This guy has such an amazing story which makes his lyrics even better.
iv. Judah & the Lion (currently loving First Fruits)

Laughing at...
Donald Trump saying, "two Corinthians"
I literally laughed so hard.
I heard my parents talking about it and then seen that Blimey Cow was talking about it in their podcast, and I was just laughing so hard. Their commentary was really funny too. *millions of laughing emojis*

Season five of Downton Abbey! I finally got almost completely caught up!
I'm so proud of myself.
And I have also been loving these documentaries:
i. Secrets of Highclere (the castle DA was filmed in)
ii. Secrets of Chatsworth (the Pemberley estate in the 2005 version of P&P)

Pride and Prejudice! It's my goal to finish it this month and hopefully by the time I finish this post I have.
*update 3/21/16: I finished it last night.*

Sunglasses! I usually don't wear sunglasses, but I can't resist wearing them when I see my small collection of round and cat-eyed sunnies :)

Over how hard C#M is. Satan had to have made barre chords.

Fangirling over...
Switchfoot's album #10 BTS video. Who else is over the moon excited?!?
And this NEEDTOBREATHE tour video. Not only is that video completely hilarious, but it gave us a sneak peak (even if it was the tiniest sneak peak ever) of a new song from the new album at the end and I 'bout fell in the floor fangirlin'. >>truth. like, actual truth.
Two of my favorite bands are coming out with albums this year and I couldn't be more excited.

Herbal tea :) It's so soothing at night and the brand I have put quotes on every teabag tag. (tag..? maybe that's what you call it? snd hlp plz)

VSCO cam. Can't get it on my computer and it's making me really sad. :''''''( NOTHING COMPARES TO VSCO CAM! Probably the hardest thing about being on a break from my phone, no lie *laughing emojis*

Birthday stuff! My birthday is the 23rd of April and I'm trying to decide like, what.. to.. do.. hmmm.
A watercolor-paint-party/tea/maybe brunch! Friends: it's time to get pumped. Blog friends: make a cross-country trip to 'ole KY because you are totally welcome. I'll make waffles for you. Because I know some people who would love that. *cough cough ABBIEEEE cough cough*

Starbucks iced caramel macchiato. I can't seem to copycat it and it's making me super despresso.

Jackets still, praise God. I will be seriously so sad when it's May and 90 degrees and my beloved baby jackets have to stay on the pegs on the back of my door until cool weather returns. There's two things I cannot stand about summer: a) can't wear jackets and b) the heat that's hot enough to melt people like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Multiplied by NEEDTOBREATHE. I am learning the picking pattern, and even though my poor fingertips are screaming, I am really happy I am finally getting it!

I am even more productive this month, my plans work out, and I'm happy :)


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