Today I wanted to share about finding your clothing style and tips to follow after you found it!

This honestly took me until this past year to figure out.
When I was younger I was probably the girliest girl on the planet. But as I got older, that wasn't
me anymore and I didn't really know what my style was.

For as long as I could remember my shopping mindset was, "Okay, so, anything that I remotely like, buy it."
I would buy anything I thought was cute just to have it. Luckily, Goodwill was my main shopping place!
But that mindset left me with a closet full of clothes I never wore because I didn't love them.
This also left me with not knowing what my style was, or what I really liked and would wear.

Now when I shop, I only purchase something if I absolutely love it.
I have found that with doing this I have a certain "style"
I can absolutely guarantee that if you do this you will easily find that you, in fact, have an exact style.

TIP #1:
When you've found your style, stick to it.
I know there have been several times, even recently, where I've seen something in a store and I think
 it's adorable and I consider buying it. Eventually, I purchase it and then I go home, try it on, realize
it's not me, and then end up taking it back.
For example: I find that I love (and feel best) in darker colors. So, therefore, I don't tend to buy
anything that's Fourth of July red. Unless of course, it's the Fourth of July, BUT YA KNOW.

Or take my Easter dress for example. I tried on a dress (that just so happened to match my friends)
 and it fit me well and wasn't too short, but it was bright peach. I mean bright peach. And huge polka
dots all over. I knew my friend really wanted us to match if we could cause,  I mean, #Instagrampictures
 and #friendshipgoals, but it wasn't me and I knew I would not feel myself wearing it.
So I didn't get it. I ended up wearing a comfortable maxi dress that I loved. It was mainly
black and white but had a short piece of color at the bottom.

TIP #2:
Do not, under any circumstances, wear some just because it's trendy.
I hate when people do this.
It's not them, we all know it's not them, but it's just the trend so. *girl with hand up emoji*

Old Navy never fails me. Tent dresses are my pride and joy.

Or to turn this around:

TIP #3:
Do not, under any circumstances, wear something just because your friends like it.
If your friends are super girly people don't dress girly just to please when that's not you.
Actually, come to think of it, the two friends I see the most are girly people. Exhibit A is in the
Easter picture. So I obviously don't dress for the people around me *laughing emojis*
Veronica may love something and be like, "OOooooooooOOOOooo! You should SO get this!"
 but I will be second guessing it because I know it's not me.
She loves brighter colors, I don't. She loves dresses, I don't. (unless, of course, we are talking about
knit tent dresses or tunics. In that case, I love dresses.) She's very much basic, but I'm not.
Be. Yourself. Always. Okay?

honestly, the closest shade to pink I've worn in like, a year.

TIP #4:
Even if people don't like your style, wear what you love anyways.
I recently took a strong liking to round sunglasses. I just think they're positively adorable.
I was wearing them one day and two people said they didn't like them.
Now I am a very tender hearted person and I take things to heart more often than I should. I could
have easily kept thinking about it and never wore them again just because someone else didn't like them.
But I didn't.
I kept wearing them babies all day. I almost let it get to me but I stopped myself.
All my life my style has been dictated by what I thought other people would like to see me in either
because I wanted to be liked, or other dumb reasons and I'm tired of that! If I like my clothes no one
else's opinion should get in the way of me wearing something just because it's not their taste. For the first
 time in my life, I am dressing how I want to, not how I think other people want me too.

TIP #5:
 Unless you love sewing, try to avoid buying anything that will need altering.
This tip is really for certain people, I guess.
I just know for me, if I find something at Walmart that isn't in my size and will need altering the clothing
article more often that not ends up in the "to sew" pile and is never seen again.
So for people like me: if they don't have you size, try coming back a few days later and checking again.
The only time I throw this tip out the window is if I really love or need the item.
But again, this tip can really just be applied to my fellow procrastinators!

aaliyah xx


  1. thanks so much for this post! i've been trying to figure out who i am stylistically, and this really helped me define what i need to get done :)

    1. You are so welcome! I enjoyed writing it :)) I am so happy it helped you!

  2. this is such a good post and as rachel alison said, very helpful <3

    ps i love the photos xx

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos :))

  3. I think #4 is the best tip of all... when you have that mindset, I find the rest of the points are much, much easier!! As long as it's modest, i doesn't have to fit someone else's idea of cute!!

    1. I agree entirely! Thanks for reading, Nina!!

  4. FANTASTIC post. <3 <3 <3


    2. Also, Old Navy is so fab; i buy around 90% of my clothing there. XD

    3. Old Navy is amazing! Sadly, they don't have one in my town so we have to drive either two hours away to another city, or to Tennessee! It stinks :(

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  6. I love this post! Very good job, Liyah!
    i lovee the pictures, too!!!!

    1. wah thank you, Livvy! asdfghjkl

  7. These are such fabulous tips, Aaliyah!! I'm so with you. I've started to figure out my style in the last couple of years, although I admit that it's kind of all over the place- I either love pastel/girly type clothing, or minimalistic, or like, all black. I'm pretty sure that my style is kind of just a bizarre mesh of like, five different styles. XD I know, I'm weird.
    Second, YOU'RE SO CUTE!!! That just needed to be pointed out.
    Agh, I hate it when people wear stuff just because it's trendy! It's so annoying my gosh. XD Or maybe I just get annoyed too easily. Who knows.
    NUMBER FOUR IS SO HARD. I'm such a people pleaser. It's bad, Aaliyah, it's really bad.
    Sewing, hahahahahaha NOPE! It never goes well.
    I loved this post!!!!

      And I feel that so much. Sometimes I look at these girls who dress all pastel and I melt and try to convince myself that I am a Kawaii pastel princess underneath all the black and grey. #truth
      And I am literally the worst at pleasing people. It's really bad for me too. Really bad.


  8. This helped even me and 50's grandma!!! You are so inspiring Aaliyah!!! I'm do very proud of you! Hugs and kisses

    1. Awh, yay! Goodness, I love you so much. Thank you, Nanny. xoxo


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