My momma, very much pregnant! She has gotten much bigger since this picture was taken!

Hey, you beautiful people!
April was a fabulous month. I'm sure May will be too :)
This month we will be welcoming my new baby sister into the world!
I don't think this month could possibly get any better than that.

Let's grade my goals and set some more!

i. Finish Death Comes to Pemberley.
A+! I finished not only this book but another, and started a new one!
So happy that I'm reading so much.

ii. Continue practicing music every day.
A+! I honestly don't see why this is a goal, though.
I can't go a single day without music! 

iii. Keep on keeping on with my Hebrew.
A+. I am learning more of the alphabet and a few words!

iv. Get the Multiplied picking pattern down pat.
Eh.. I'll give it an A. I have the pattern down, but I'm still not very fast yet.


i. Finish Son (from The Giver quartet)

ii. Learn more banjo and hopefully, get the gist of clawhammer.

iii. Hebrew, Hebrew, Hebrew.


  1. that's so awesome that you're learning Hebrew! Is it pretty hard to learn? Are you learning to speak it or write it?
    That's so exciting that you're going to have a new baby sister! I'm sure that's something you're looking forward to.

    1. Well I'm only a couple lessons in so I don't know too much yet, but it is difficult! But oh so interesting! And both!

      And yes!! We are so excited.

  2. It's so exciting that you will be welcoming a new baby sister this month! And good luck learning the banjo, sounds fun!

    1. Yes! It's so exciting! And thanks! I'll need it, haha!

  3. Congratulations about your new baby sister!

  4. Hello, friend! I wish you a happy Monday and a May in which all of your goals are achieved :)


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