Hey! Guess what?! I actually posted a playlist this month! Props to me for actually getting it done. I didn't post it in May because I was actually roller skating all day and forgot to schedule the post and so it just didn't get done.  BUT I STILL GOT IT UP SO. I didn't post one last month, and I'm sorry. :''''')

This month I've really been into folk. Christian folk. I've found a ton of new people and it's amazing background music but I love to listen to it for enjoyment as well! I am usually a folk rock kinda gal ya know gettin' that banjo in the background but also that bass, electric guitar, and drums? Ya feel? But I've branched out this month and listened to pure folk. Some of these songs are folk rock, some straight-up folk, an Abbiee song (hehe), some Disney, and even one pop song because I saw it performed live so there are hilarious and fun memories attached to it and because it makes me happy. :) You're just gonna get it ALL this month, okay? Okay.

(sorry for a poo-ey picture)

 CLICK HERE for the playlist!


    Whoah, I surprisingly don't recognize a LOT of songs on here? Which is weird, because music makes up 84% of my life. (don't question the weird percent. It's not true at all but seemed like a good number.)

    Except the lovely "Mirror Girl" by Abbiee. Love that one, of course. <3

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. YASSS!!!
      Well, if it makes you feel any better, I just discovered these so they are all brand new to me too! Music totally takes up 84% of my life too *laughing emojis*


  2. I always love your musical taste - I always feel as though a person's music preferences say a lot about them!

    1. Thank you so much! And I totally agree. One of my favorite things is asking what someones all time favorite song is. Especially if it's for lyrical reasons. It will tell you a lot. :)


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