*cough* *shyly creeps back into mY OWN BLOG*

hahaha hi. I'm aaliyah, remember me? if you don't, I completely understand. HA.

I was just going through my old posts and reading all the comments, and within a few minutes tears were streaming down my face. It really made me miss writing and interacting with all of you lovely, encouraging, amazing people. I don't have a grand explanation for why I haven't been writing... I just haven't. I got on here awhile back and redesigned my entire blog in hopes it would get me motivated, but it didn't really help, lol. Like..I don't even journal anymore. So it's not just here. And if I'm not journaling, you know I'm in a major rut or something because I basically can't function without it, lol. It's been like this for well over a year now, and I can't figure why. By far the longest rut I've ever been stuck in. Sometimes it makes me want to scream, it frustrates me so badly! Writing has always been such a major and important part of my life, and aside from Jesus and music, it's basically how I get through things (I'm sure all my other writers out there can relate!!). Honestly, not writing during a rut has probably done more harm than good, lol. I am a complete advocate for taking breaks from everything, but after so long yoU GOTTA PUSH THROUGH AND DO WHAT YOU KNOW YOU LOVE AND NEED, right???? Yes.

So that's what I'm doing today, I guess. An attempt to push through. Get the blood pumping through my writer brain. I feel like I can't even word anymore, what the crap.

Anyways. I'm gonna try to work on some posts, I actually have likeeee two whole ideas, yay!!! 😅😅

I love you guys. Thanks for always being here. You're the best.

-aaliyah xoxo


  1. yayayayay!!! keep writing :):)

  2. meeeeeeep I don't think I was even around the last time you blogged? Welcome back to the blogosphere <3

  3. yess!!!! keep blogging :)

  4. I RELATE SO MUCH TO THIS. Ugh, so glad I'm not the only one. >.< I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. :)

    xx Kenzie

  5. SO HAPPY YOU'RE BACK!!! keep writing, love.

  6. Aaliyah! You're back! Yay!



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