Let`s Take A Look Back...

There is only two hours left of 2012.

Enjoy it...

We will NEVER see 2012 again.
Think about this year. What has happened in your life. What has truly inspired you, and what changed your life this year.

What about this year you will miss? Honestly, mine is that it will never be 12/12/12 or 11/11/11 again!
Pitiful i know.

Anyways.. I am staying up until 12:00 tonight!

                                                 Hopefully I Stay Awake!
                                                      Happy New Year!

Keep Christ in Christmas.....

Imagine if Christ had not came. Imagine if He was not obedient to His father. He gave us, dirty,filthy sinners His life! How great is He!

Imagine Mary. What if she had thought about her own self, and what people would think of her than obeying the Lord.

You know she could have been stoned to death?  Instead she gave her whole self to God and obeyed him. She was favored over God. Imagine if you were so favored in Gods eyes that you were to give birth and raise his son! What a privilege!

Rember over the stress and gift giving and recieving, to Keep Christ in Christmas.


Hey all! I am so sorry for leaving you for so dreadfully long! I have deeply missed your company!
I just wrote to remind you of my blog, that Ruby helps me write :)" Fading Sunrise." My photography blog.

http://fadingsunrise-aaliyah.blogspot.com/  < link to blog.

Ruby is my only follower, so we would like some company! hehe!