Happy Easter!

The only thing that makes me truly sad about Easter, is that when people (not you in particular) think of Easter, they don`t think of the resurrection of Christ. They think of the Easter bunny,
                                 Or Easter Egg hunts.

 And even Christians, often think more about these things than the real reason. I have been guilty of this for years. But as I have grown closer to God, I have realized that I have been very.. Well... worldly! I have been thinking that my Easter would not be complete without a Easter egg hunt, or the tradition we have with my family's  (on my Dad`s side)  holiday potluck. But no. I don`t need all of that. And honestly, those things have kept me further away from the Lord, because of my silly thinking. Not saying that you should stop hunting Easter eggs, or anything, but this is my personal thing.
So just remember that Jesus is the reason!


my blog lately // need inspiration

So. My title says it all.

My blog lately has stunk.
short posts, posting once a month, my design has to be fixed, and I know it but just to lazy to send an email.
I have had enough.

So I will try to post more often. If I don`t post at least once a week, I will be counting on my fellow
blog friends to remind me :) Either by email, commenting , whatever.

                                                          Holi Color Runs!
               Just discovered these! I think they are SO neat! Have any of you been to one? 


life // sick...

My title my confuse you, but let me explain.

The "sick" is because I am sick today! Yayy! (just so you know, that was sarcasm) Oh don`t you just love the feeling of stinging every time you swallow (and when you don`t), sudden tiredness, the feeling that your ears could explode any minute and feeling like you can`t breathe! Lovely! lol

And "life" because of what I am about to write.

Life is indeed a journey. Sometimes hard, sometimes full of joy, but either way, should we complain about pour life? Nope. Not for a zip-zap-teeny-weeny-littlest-second. Our life is a miracle! God has a special plan for every single one of us! Sometimes, it is very easy for you to believe the devil`s lies, and think that your life is meaningless. But that is FAR from the truth. God didn`t have to bring you into this world. But He did! And I am so glad He did! Because I have had the opportunity to have four wonderful brothers, and two wonderful sisters. Parents that love God with everything within them, and a home, running water, clothes,shoes,a healthy body (well not right this minute! hehe) and most of all, I know the power of a loving God, a real one. Not a statue, or an idol. Or something made up. A God who has power to raise people from the dead, to give the blind sight,to tell the lame to walk and they walk! And not to mention the things He has done for my family and I! That`s a whole other blog post :) Just think of all the innocent children who were murdered (notice I said murdered, because truthfully, that`s exactly what it is!) by abortion, who didn`t even get a chance at life. But, I don`t know about you, I would rather be in the presence of God, than here on earth :) And really, if all the eight babies, my Mom miscarried were born I would have 14 siblings! And I would LOVE that! They may sound crazy to you, but I love my siblings! And I especially love babies! But I know that truthfully I have eight siblings in heaven, that I haven`t even met. Yet I know, they are in the presence of God, and to think that millions of babies are entered into heaven each day, wow.

So. The meaning of this blog post is: Never take for granted your life. EVER!


Happy Spring! // My Life Lately..

Hello Darlin`s! How are ya`ll? Yeppp.. I am defiantly from Kentucky. (If you haven`t already noticed)
I am so happy it is finally Spring! Except, I think it might have actually snowed today :( So I have not been in the "Springy" mood. Sad. Sad I declare. So! Here are pictures of what I have been up too. It is mainly my photography, but also shows what has been going on.

This is what comes out of a last minute science project! Walking on eggs.  

My lovely Mother`s attempt at drawing a Lion for Josiah`s phonics.

First snow Glory played in!

Rides on horses! Ahh!

My no-heat-lazy-do-it-while-I-sleep curling method. And yes, those are socks. 

                                                 Welp, Happy Spring and I hope you have enjoyed these photos!

80 Follower Giveaway!

Alrighty! I am ready to make some deals! I promise you, if I get 80 followers, I will do a giveaway!
So post my blog link on your blogs, email friends, or whatever your little heart desires, and once I see that number 80 above my followers, I will do a giveaway!


Blog is Opened!

Hello! I just wanted to tell ya`ll that Imperishable Beauty is opened! I only have three followers, and if I get forty followers, I will do a giveaway! (possibly from my own closet!)
So please follow Imperishable Beauty!


My Book..

Hello All Ya`ll!  
Wow... You can really tell i`m from Kentucky huh? hehe!
I am trying to get a wee bit of inspiration for my posts, but as for now, I don`t really got
anything up there in that thing called your head, to fill my posts with. So, I will just give you some big news!

I am working on a book, and I sent the first chapter to a publishing company, and they emailed me back,
and said they would like to publish it! And not only that, they will give me free Amazon listing, E-book,
and more!
So I am hoping it will turn out well!

P.S. Could anyone do a blog design for me?