I haven't forgotten!

Don't worry! I will get to those poll choices soon! I already have several video and post ideas! 
And by the way Videos, and Inspiring Posts had a tie. So I will film those videos and get those posts typed out! Love you all! Thanks for being patient with me! 

last day to voice your opinion!

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wreck this journal update.

so i promised this post so im going to do it finally. I have been very slow at doing this, as every thing else i promise to do on this blog. So.... here it is! I hope you enjoy this and note that im nothing near an artist, but i try. hehe.
Also please stop by the poll on the side of this blog under the "about me" and vote on what you would like to see in upcoming posts!

This page says, "ask a friend to do something destructive to this page. dont look."
So i had multiple friends draw on a part of the page.
It turned out... umm... interesting. 

This page i had to glue pages from a magazine and glue here and circle words i like.
Buttt i changed things up a bit and glued in pictures and things i like.

This page i had to doodle over top of this little article thing (which i did read and throughout the whole thing it was telling me not too. lol) So i wrote destroy, joy,love,hope, the date, my name etc. and added a random leaf to the other page. 

Here i had to do a "tongue painting." So my cousin suggested while eating rainbow sherbet that
i should lick the page then. So i did. And i thought it didnt work, until it dried and turned purple.

Here, i connected the dots from memory. And i did pretty good if i say so myself!
So thats it for now. I will post more once i get more pages finished but i only have this done right now. Hope you liked this post!

just a little question for you to answer.

so I was thinking...

would you all enjoy seeing some videos? for example:

- DIY's
-My Favorites video
- hair tutorials
- etc?

just like basic videos that YouTubers do? (lol)
If you would, let me know in the comment box below and what video out of the list you would like to see first, and then some suggestions.
And im thinking to add to my videos ill be doing some giveaways in them...!!!

SO if that idea sounds good to you, let me know! Thank you guys!



so I like too post things on instagram.. alot. I have over 300 posts. Yep.
so if you all are so kind to read this post, then you will see some pictures that I took with my iPod 4.
(which aren't very clear cause iPod 4's stink)

me and my crazy bestie Veroncia, who has
been able to stay with me for 5 weeks and 2 days.

me. ive changed I guess...
not really.

me and my cousin Christine.
shes kinda awesome.

me with my nerd glasses.
can I pull them off or no?

frappe. AHH.
need I say more?

me. this was taken just the other day.
"Im so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."
L.M. Montgomery.

I fishtailed Christines hair.
I envy her red locks.

I hope you've atleast somewhat enjoyed this post... I like taking beautiful pictures were people go: Ahhhh!!!!! But that doesn't always happen. But ya know, as long as you enjoy what you do its okay. :-)  ily all. bye for now.

announcement: I have a wreck this journal post coming up!!


He is faithful.

there have been several circumstances lately where i can truly see the Lords goodness and faithfulness in my life.

One being, that my foster cousin was taken away to a new foster home, because of "medical neglect". I wasnt supposed to see them for a long time. I was so heartbroken about it because she is one of my best friends. it was a really rough day for me and my family.
But just not even two days later we got a phone call saying she was coming back home! My lovely friends Tane , Kathryn , Becca and others were praying for me and my cousin. And i cant thank them enough for that. I have seen my cousin twice since and am so happy.

Just a couple days ago my dad fell 8 feet of a ladder and was unconscious until the ambulance came and got him. He could have easily broke his back, or landed the wrong way and died. But he didnt. He has a really bad concussion and really dizzy, has a pretty big wound on his head, and stiff, but other than that he is fine. In fact right now he is out in town with my mom and a couple siblings.

God is so faithful.

Not to say that nothing bad will ever happen to you and your family because trust me they will. But as the Bible says all things work together for the good of those who love Him.
Trials will come, But thats okay. Because God will be right there through it all. It wont be easy, the Bible never promised it would, but be still and know He is God. Find peace in Him. Know his goodness, mercy and love.

Life is a maybe, death is for sure, Sin is the cause but Jesus is the cure.  


wreck this journal

so I am pleased to announce that I got this in the mail today.

I am so excited to start it! but I have a little teensy weensy disadvantage.

I cant draw.  you might think im over exaggerating, but im really not. I cannot draw. ask anyone.
So I really don't think that mine will be as gorgeous as everyone elses, because mine will be full of drawings I really tried on, but failed epically. reallyyyy epically.
But then again, my drawing abilities may come out while doing (or trying) this, but then again, they really may not. And that's okay I guess. Experience right?
So ill just hope and pray that it will be beautiful and I am really a Picasso waiting to come out. Haha no. But maybe.... Okay ill stop now. But lets just say ill be relying on Pinterest to give me ideas also, because I don't have the most creative mind when it comes to drawing. Or anything artsy for that matter.
So I was wondering something... Would you like for me to post maybe 2 a week of some pages ive finished? Like to document? Comment or like or something if so. It will give me something to write about at least.
Well bye for now! See you soon!

music monday.

yay music mondayy! I am excited to share my favorite song from my favorite artist!

I love this song so much. I love the "leave it all behind" message. We have to be willing to surrender all of us and everything we love for God. Not that im in any way perfect at this. But I strive to be better at it. So heres your song for this week! enjoy!

"To Leave it all Behind" by Moriah Peters


whoops//please help!

wow guys... this is embarrassing! I haven't posted in foreverrrr.

I just forget too, cause with my phone, I can check Instagram, answer Snapchats and texts, and Pinterest, etc. and be done. quick and easy. I haven't really had anything to write about either.
So I ask for your forgiveness, and hope to try better, but I cant promise anything, because, well, you know me. I would REALLY like some post suggestions, or things you would like to see here. It would help me a ton! I would highly appreciate it. So just comment your ideas, and ill see what I can do! Also, should I change the design, or do you like it? I like it, but I want to know what you think, to make this blog better and more interesting in the long run. Thanks all! Your awesome!


Q&A Vlog // yes, i finally finished.

SO I finished the last set of questions from.. like 6 months ago? Yeahh..
But I am going to start it up again! So please feel free to comment questions below! And also, i have a dry throat in this video so, im sorry if i sound a little funny! So, here ya go! Hope you enjoy!


a journal entry.


I have been learning to trust God in every situation.
wither its, driving on icy roads, or giving Him control of my future. \
Its not easy, and simple, yet you have such peace when you know the creator of the universe
is guiding you. And sometimes your free-will takes over and you make hasty decisions.
Strive not to. Work on it. Pray.
Its not easy by any means, to give God your future. At all. He may have plans for you, that you
may not necessarily like, or He may have something planned that you never thought or dreamed of.
But whom other hands would you rather it be in?
He created for Him. To bring glory to Him.  NOT for us or bring glory to us.
Its easy to turn away from Gods plan, follow the crowd, because the World may seem "fun" or the
only way to have "freedom". It may very well be fun for awhile. But the World will never
satisfy you. The world may seem "free" and you may be able to do anything without getting in
trouble from your parents, or other things, but you should really fear Him.
God is the freedom that's really free. Freedom from bondage, and sin.

                                        Because His truth, WILL set you free.

"For I know the plans I have for you; declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you; not to harm you.
                                        plans to give you, hope. And a future."
                                                         Jeremiah 29:11


Sunshine Award!

Sorry it took me so long to finally post this!
I usually don't like to do awards, but only for you Tane ;-) Thanks. Haha!

Anyways, so lets get started!

First off, the rules:
→Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
→Answer the questions they asked you.
→Nominate other bloggers.
→Give them a list of questions.
→Let them know that they have been nominated.
→The Sunshine Award button must be on your blog post.

Now, Tane`s questions:

→If you had to choose one smell to be the only smell you smelt for the rest of your life, what smell would it be? [that was a bit of a weird question, but try saying it five times fast. OK. guess it's not that hard...] --  Hmm... probably a book store :-D I love them!

 →What's your favorite quote? [stolen question]  Does Bible verses count? 1 Colossians 3:14

 →What blog do you find the most inspiring out of the blogs you visit? [it would be nice if you linked to it]  I love all my followers, and who I follow, but Tane. Girl your blog is so amazing. It gives me a mystical, cool, dreamy feeling every time I visit it :-)

 →What is a life dream of yours? To go to Paris and gaze upon the Eiffel Tower. And also to get married and have a little girl (among many other children if that's what the Lord wants) named Hadassah Grace. I simply ADORE that name! Esther is my favorite biblical character besides of course, Jesus.

 →How old were you when you started your blog? 10. So in the end of 2011.

 →Would you prefer a trip to the beach for the day or an overnight camping trip? Oh definitely the beach. Im not much of a camping, roughing it kinda gal.

 →Choose one place you'd like to visit above all other places in the world. [doesn't have to be a country, it can be a particular place, or a shop even, if you like] What is it? Paris! I already said that. And the Buckingham Palace, Ireland, and out of those two places I would LOVE to go to Israel and walk where Jesus walked. Ah I cant even imagine.

 →Do you prefer asking questions or answering questions? Answering for sure. I am wondering right now what Im going to ask.

 →Strawberry pattern or watermelon pattern? Strawberry. Even though I don't really like either.

 →Fiction or non-fiction? It depends. I like realism, but sometimes its good to go to a land where anything is possible.

 →Which question out of all the ones I've asked did you enjoy the most? The smell one. I wish my room smelt like a bookstore. That reminds me that I need to order that Bookstore scented candle on Etsy...

Okay. Heres my questions:

-Android or Apple?

-Do you or don't you want to go to college?

-If you did, what do you want to go for?

-Favorite color and why?

-What do you want to see more from my blog?

-Need a new blog design? haha

-Favorite clothing store?

Okay now my nominators:


Sara Jayne


Thanks again! Gonna run! haha not really.



hey there! I am so ashamed of myself for not posting for so long, and when i did, it was just a Youtube video! Ugh!


I had my 13th birthday the 23rd of April! For you tweens out there, no it does not feel any different being
a teenager. I always thought it would, but nope! I had a wonderful birthday. I had a small party with some
friends and family the Friday after my party, and then had a sleepover afterwards, and had friends over for literally a week.  I know.

And I started a "job"! I have started volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center :-) I sort baby clothes, etc. Mainly a "behind the scenes" worker. It is wonderful, but it is difficult being on the other side of it. Like for example, on my first day, they got a call from a Mother looking for abortion pills for her 16 year old daughter. The director talked to her, and finally convinced her to come in for an ultrasound and possible counselling. They hoped an ultrasound would help her, to convince her to keep her child. I was praying the
entire time for the mother, and her daughter, and the father of this child. It was... hard!

Shalom is 4 months old now! She is getting so big! She can say "da da" and she is very alert!

I am graduating 8th grade the 17th of May! I will be the youngest high-schooler on the stage. Hehe!
I taught myself to read at 4, and start school from there, so im two years ahead i think. My little brother, Judah will be graduating 1st grade with me also.

April 6th, I went to a Kari Jobe`s "Majestic" concert!  (my second Kari Jobe concert!) Rend Collective, and Warren Barfield was also there! That makes 7 singers ive seen. We also got VIP tickets, so I was able to ask Kari and Chris (lead singer of Rend Collective) questions, at a private Q&A with the other VIP`s. It was awesome!

Well. I cant think of any other updates.. Bye for now! Love you all!


music ehh.. tuesday? // well done

yeah, i know its tuesday, not monday, but.. i felt in the mood to post this, and secondly, i wasn`t able
to post yesterday. i was too busy mall and grocery shopping! at the mall, I went into one of my favorite
stores, Bath & Body Works, and added to my hand sanitizer collection! I now have 39. yes, i know.
i am a little, tensy, wensy, obsessed. i am equally, or maybe more obsessed with notebooks. one of the
things on my bucket list, is to own 100 notebooks. and then when i get that, 1,000. yep. im a little crazy.
anyways! I love this song so  much! Its awesome. I just discovered Moriah Peters (yes, tragedy!) and loved
her music. I loved her even more, when i found out she recently married Joel from For King and Country!!
So enjoy the song!


Graphic designing // blog designs for FREE

Hey there!

I was just gonna remind everyone real quick, about my graphic designs, and blog designs. The best part is, the're totally FREE! Here in the photos, are just a few of my headers i have made. I can do:

-And much more!

I designed both of my blogs, and savedbygrace.blogspot.com , and others. My clients were all very satisfied.

I can do any image(s) you want. I can do up to six image headers. I can also do one image headers, as shown. If you dont have any images, i would be happy to find them for you. :)

If you would like a blog design please fill out this form, and email me at: growinginhisimage@yahoo.com.


Name: ___________________________

Style or design (shabby,elegant, modern, etc) _______________________________________

Package: (complete redo, or certain things.) ______________________________

Any particular images? If so, please attach them in the email.

Hope to hear from you soon!


alive // music monday

Hey there :) Guess what? We got our internet back on!!! YAY!
I missed you internet :)

So! The song today is "Alive" by Hillsongs: Young and Free.
I adore this song. We are truly alive in Christ :)


oceans // music monday

This song is one of my new favorite songs :) I have always LOVED "Hillsong" but I LOVE this song!
I hope to do posts like this often, but with internet being out at our house, it`s not always possible :)
So, it may not always be "Music Monday"

You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise my soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You've never failed and You won't start now

So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

I will call upon Your Name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine

updates.. with not really anything to.. update.

tis` has been a wonderful first 16 days of January.

Lately we have been enjoying all the snow and ice storms! Well.. somewhat. It is very beautiful outside!
I love waking up to 2 inches of snow. I know. 2 inches. Wow. But that`s alot to us people who live in my county.

I have had a horrid cold. ughhh. One of the most frustrating and aggravating things in my opinion.
Especially when you have the cutest little newborn baby sister ever, whom you aren`t allowed to hold,
because you might get her sick. Sad.. I love her. I say it a million times a day.

Heres a picture so you can remind yourself of how cute she is.
Don`t you just want to squeeze her?!?
 Anyways. Enough gawking over my baby sis.
Give me your attention.

So. Hopefully i get this cold over with so i can hold her more often. *silent prayer* please Lord! o please!
Well. Here i go talking about her again! She is just SO adorable!