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Savings, Savings!

Hello! So guess what! I can`t believe it! Okay so here is the story:

                             The Camera Story
                            By: Aaliyah Meece

So one day my camera broke, and I was so upset and wanted a new one imeditly! But as everyone that knows me, I am always broke.
(Inless of course, if there is a camera besides disposable for $20?)
So then, I got a job! Babysitting twice a week! (12 hours with very entergitic and sweet kids) So I decided to start saving up for a Canon Rebel EOS! And I can purchase it at the beginning of Febuary! Yayyyy!

                                        The End..

So how did you like the story? Yeahhhhhh... Anyways..
Excited! Ekkkk!