Heyyyy!!! Okay, so, here's the deal. I know I said I was going to record this with my Canon, but I have been sick for several days now and the last thing I feel like doing is dealing with the process of filming and editing 😂 sssoOoOoOoooooo, I hope the HORRIBLE webcam quality is enough to suffice. DO YOU ALL REALLY EVEN NEED TO SEE MY SICK SELF SO CLEARLY??? No. Probs not. I was looking pretty rough, fam. I still want to try and make some videos for the blog with my camera, though. I've always had a fascination with videography, but it's something I haven't really played with since I was probably 13. So that'll be fun. But without further adeiu, here's the vlog!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY AWKWARD SELF <3

(in no order)

@jacyraynunbroken (lol bc bff)
@katerinad17 and her sister @ninette1998
@okay and basically all my blog friends because I cANNOT choose between any of you all!!!
Seriously, the blogger community has some serious talent.

NEW YEARS Q&A VLOG (aka give me your questions plz lol)

YEP. You're reading that right. I am FINALLY doing a blogger Q&A! *throws confetti*
I did one awhile back, but it was exclusively for the "aesthetic baegels" group chat and the rest of you didn't get to ask me anything :'( So, I figured with the new year it would be the perfect time to do one!

So, ask away! Your questions can totally be New Year's related/questions about 2016, and what not, or you can just ask casual questions! Or, I mean, both. 😂


Maybe that's an early deadline. Idk. But I hope to have this up next Tuesday, and I'm also very anxious to use the new camera I got for Christmas, haha!

A S K    A W A Y ! ! !