music ehh.. tuesday? // well done

yeah, i know its tuesday, not monday, but.. i felt in the mood to post this, and secondly, i wasn`t able
to post yesterday. i was too busy mall and grocery shopping! at the mall, I went into one of my favorite
stores, Bath & Body Works, and added to my hand sanitizer collection! I now have 39. yes, i know.
i am a little, tensy, wensy, obsessed. i am equally, or maybe more obsessed with notebooks. one of the
things on my bucket list, is to own 100 notebooks. and then when i get that, 1,000. yep. im a little crazy.
anyways! I love this song so  much! Its awesome. I just discovered Moriah Peters (yes, tragedy!) and loved
her music. I loved her even more, when i found out she recently married Joel from For King and Country!!
So enjoy the song!