// is your mind in the right place? //

yesterday, we went and did a family day trip. it was quite random, because it was a Tuesday and I thought my dad would have already been gone to work by the time I awoke, but to my surprise he woke me up and said, "hey get up! Haha we are going to go so somethin' today so get dressed alright?" and a sleepy, groggy-headed reply from me, "okay".
so we loaded up in the van, and we were told we were going to Cumberland Falls. Which I was really happy about because I hadn't been there but once, and when I did go, I was to young to remember. None of us (especially me!) were really dressed appropriately for it, but we were ready to go! And we were off. We got there, and it was beautiful, and it amazed me and that's a whole other post in itself. But back to my story. We got home, got some showers, and settled in the living room for our nightly devotions. My youngest sister, Shalom, picked up her Bible with excitement (she loves Bible time) and headed to the living room. One of my brothers had just went out to the van and got her dress-up shoes that se had bought at the gift shop and brung them inside. I said, "Shalom! Come see your pretty shoes!" but she continued to flip the pages of her Bible with her tiny hands and showed no interest to the shoes she was so thrilled about just a few hours before. 
It got me thinking....
We should be like that. 
We should be so involved with God and his Word that the things of the world don't even spark an interest in us. 
So again, I ask the question. Are our minds in the right place? Is MY mind in the right place. Do I think about God as much as I think about other things? Do I pray as much as I text? Do I read my Bible just as much as I read my favorite novel? It's a hard and humbling question. 
It's so easy to get distracted by clothes, social media, friends, anything. 
But we have to keep our mind on Him. It's not in any way, shape, form or fashion, EASY..... But.... We should. He deserves it doesn't He? He deserves so much more than we could ever give Him. 
I don't really know where I'm going with this, but it has been on my mind ever since last night. 
So I'll end with this: 
Remember. You are IN the world, not OF it. Be heavenly minded. And pray for me, because I struggle with this. And I'll pray for you that your mind is ever-fixed on Him. Okay? Okay. :)