Blog Party!

Yep! It`s true! So anyways lets get this thing started!

So the blog party is about FASHION!

So anyone that wants to participate is welcome! Young and Old!

So what you do is, you have to first put this button on your blog, and in your post taht your doing it. And then comment below and give me the link to your post!

Your post will be about you, and pick one shirt, skirt, acssorie, etc.
and wear the same item you choose for three days, and post what you wore with it everyday! Any Q`s? !!

Have Fun! ~Aaliyah~

My Birthday Presents.

Bonjour my lovelies! lol   {I love acting all French and stuff! lol Do you?}

As we all know, April 23rd was my Birthday, and this is what I got!

BEWARE OF LONG POST! {Not really! And I still haven`t posted about the zoo and Creation Museum! BEWARE of that! lol}
And there is also some random photo`s too! lol 

                                       So first off, I {finnaly lol} ordered a pair of TOMS!   YAYYY!!!! lol

My brother and I with my bike and his bike.

I also bought a bike!
With a Banana seat!!!! :D

                                                    The pattern that I ADORE!

I also bought a basket to go with it.
It comes off and on when you press that little red button.

Me with my bike!


And this is the random photo I was talking about!
Has any of you gals ever curled your hair with socks?


Ok, comment if you think with the rest of my Birthday money,
that I should get skirt #1 {below} or skirt #2?
Skirt #1

Skirt #2


Bonjour to my lovely followers! {Now starting my speech}

First I just want to say thank you for participating! I love hosting photo challenges!
Comment if you want me to host another! Oh! And also, speaking of photo challenges,
If you win one photo challenge, you can enter as many as you want! No limits on that!

Ok, lets just get to the point! lol

Ok..... Bum Bummmmmmmmmmm........ The winner is............


*Streamers everywhere! lol*        And here is her photo
                                      She done a magnifique job!



In Loving Memory.......
Ir you want to know the story e-mail me at :(


Guest Posting!

Hello! I will now be starting guest posting on Rubys blog. Click HERE  To see!
I think I will be posting sometime today or tomorrow.

Thanks! Aaliyah

UPDATE: On Bunnies.

Hello! I have some very sad news about the bunnies, and very good news also, and maybe a few pictures along the way! lol

So, the first to announce the very bad news....... :(
The 1st bunny had a *VERY* bad slit in the leg, bleeding from the mouth, and internal bleeding. Bunny #1 died this morning. It just stopped breathing all of a sudden.

Now for the good news! :D! Bunny #2 is doing GREAT! There is a picture below showing the *Only* injuries. (don`t worry it isn`t gross!)

Leg injury.(a tooth mark. nothing serious)
Right Below eye there is a little bitty tooth mark.

So Now here are more pictures of Bunny #1

It was burrowing in my skirt!

More updates to come!

Look how darling!


Everyone, PLEASE listen and help if you know how.

My brothers found 3 baby bunnies in our woods. The mama was killed, And one is already dead. Another, is bleeding from the mouth,
and the third is a LOT better than the others, but they all have (or had for one) wounds. PLEASE HELP! We are trying to keep them alive.

If you know how to help please email me at . Thanks.

                                                                (They are huddled together.)

Update On The Photo Contest!

Looks Like..... BUM...BUM....BUM...BUM......BUMMMMMMMM! (did you like that? lol)  Katherine! Is in the lead! And next is..........

Keep that voting up people!


Voting Time!

Yes! It`s time! April 23rd! My Birthday! I love photo challenge!
Here's the pictures!





 Carli Nicole!











 Emily (Puppy)!



Thanks Everyone for participating!
Good Luck!

Guest Post by Kathryn!

Hello, All!!
It's me, Kathryn from Chatty Kathy! Aaliyah asked me to guest post today!!
I guess I will tell you a little bit about me.

I'm 12 years old, and have 4 siblings. Two older, two younger!
I have many things I enjoy, such as writing, photography, playing the violin, and playing the piano.

I am a Christian, and I love Jesus!
I love a good book, especially mysteries!
I am a lover of old movies, with famous actors such as Cary Grant, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and more!
I am a 3rd born, and tend to be a talker.
I love animals, especially strange ones! Oh, to have an exotic pet...
I hate tea, and gag at the sight of applesauce.

I want to be an author some day!
I am nearsighted and need new glasses soon!
I love blogging and meeting new friends.
I have 2 blogs, Chatty Kathy, and Breathings of Your Heart (where girls can write stories together! And Aaliyah is my newest contributor!)

Thank you so much for letting me do this, Aaliyah! It was really fun!!

Photo Contest Winner!

Ok! Are you ready? Ok! It is .........


Congrats Kathryn! You have won a blog button! (left) And a totally FREE blog Background! And if anyone else wants a FREE blogger background please contact me at! Thanks!

Congrats again Kathryn!

More Q+A!

Hello again to my lovely followers! I think Tane and GodGirlz1 Have a few questions, and  another person which I am not sure of, and Summer maybe?? I can`t tell! So if you don`t mind can everyone that has filled out the survey, can you please comment? Thanks!

Anyways, Here are the questions!

What is your favorite hobby?

Well, I have a lot of things I like to do, but if I had to choose I am tied between drawing and sewing. Thanks for asking!

What religion are you?

I am a non-denominational Christian. I believe that everything in the Bible is true, and anything and everything God says we should obey it!

What is your favorite movie?

Well.. That is a very, very, very hard question! I like lots and lots of movies, but if I had to choose just one it would be October Baby!

Do you prefer Summer over Winter? Baking Over Reading?

To answer the first question, I defenitly prefer, Summer!

Second question, probably Baking.

You have such a beautiful blog design, did you do it?

No I did not! The wonderful and amazing Kendra Lynne did!
I am glad you like it!

What drove you to start a blg anyways?

Well, first my sister Amber (17) made herself one, and I looked at her blog, read her posts, and things, and I really wanted to make one after that! I felt like I had SO much to write about!  So I started out with Through His Eyes Photography. (9 followers) And then I decided I wanted more than just a photography blog, I wanted to make an  actual blog! So then I started this blog! Growing In His Image! Then after reading Fresh Modesty Fashion Blog, I wanted to do the same! To encourge girls to dress modestly! And that you could still look fashionable, but modest! So then I started Imperishable Beauty! And here I am! Great question!


Singers, Siblings, and Shoes!

I am SO excited to be answering these questions! So here they are!
First up,

Who is your favorite singer?

Well... That is a very hard question! hehe! I have a lot of singers I enjoy listening to! But if I had to pick one.... I think it would be JJ Heller. My second favorite would be Kari Jobe. I love both of their songs, but most of all their voices!

How old are you?

I am ten years old as of now, but April 23rd 2012 I will be eleven!
I am SO excited!
What kind of things do you like doing?

Well, I like to to a LOT of things, I love to read, sew, crochet, pick flowers, especially photography, crafts, doing other girls hair, hiding in the hay on our farm from my little siblings, drawing, and LOTS more!

How many siblings do you have?

My life is very blessed with six siblings!
I love my family SO much!

Amber is 17. Devin (only eleven months younger than I) is 10.
Elijah is 7 but his birthday (which is very close to mine) is April 21st and then he will be 8. Josiah is 6. Judah is 4. And Glory Anna is 1!

What is your favorite pair of shoes?

Definitely TOMs !  I love them! And if I had to choose from the whole store, I would choose Either These or Definitely THESE!!

Keep those questions coming on this SURVEY!



I have a survey again! Only because I only received one response, By Anna Faith! Thank you for that! Anyways,  This would help me to see what you want to see on this blog, any questions, etc. It would help a TON! And it would give me something to write about when you ask me questions! hehe Anyways here is the Survey! Thanks a billion!


Photo Contest Picture Entrys!

First Up Is..... Bum bum bum bum.....
                      She took a lovely picture don`t you think?

Then comes next.. Drum roll please!
Great Job!

Love it!

Then Comes.....
Hey there Cutie! lol

Very much action don`t you think?

Great Job Everyone!
Now it is up to the people out there to decide who wins!
Good Luck!