Big Announcement!

The announcement is...........

The People have spoken! "Imperishable Beauty" will open and RISE AGAIN! lol Just kidding :)
I am getting a little "too" dramatic..
BUT! I am excited that my blog is opening today, and obviously, so do my dear, lovely, ahh so lovely followers! :)

So I hope everyone will be happy with the decision! I do need a blog design though for it, because do to the fact it has been deleted for so long, and the new Blogger design, my :(
So any ideas for a blog design are appreciated! 

(one of my favorite pictures ever!)



Awkward & Awesome!

Hello Howdy Folks! I hope all you are doing well! I hope ya`ll hadn`t forgot about this little `ol blog!
I am trying to get more inspration, but it`s just leaving me I guess! I have been thinking about opening back up my "Imperishable Beauty" blog, since I have a new camera! Please tell me if you would like me to open it again or not!
I have decided to do Awkward & Awesome today, instead of the usual Thursday! (Today is Saturday by the way lol)


-These pictures! I am so grateful for my camera!

-Trying Chicken and Waffle flavored chips (they are VERY good! lol)

-Living. Simply Living.

-My little sister Glory, who thinks she is the head of the roost.

-The movie "Pride and Prejudice" The new version by the way. lol

-New outfit ideas! I have been feeling extra creative lately with my outfits! Which I have had to because I am sick of wearing the same `ol things!

-The beautiful 54 degree weather today! Birds singing, sunshining, bliss.

-Trying Dunkin` Dounts for the first time! (grand opening in our town!) Now I just can`t wait to try Orange Leaf! (also a grand opening) 


-Finding puddles of what I think is water, but come to find out, they are not. They are puddles made from my little sister Glory. We are trying to potty train her. lol

-Waking up at 6:30am two nights in a row and not being able to fall back asleep. Blahhh

-Thinking I am spending too much time on the computer, but come to think of it I haven`t.

-Wanting red hair so badly sometimes I want to imagine it.

-Not having as much Awkward, as Awesome.. Maybe it`s a good thing.. :?

-Eating a mix of a chicken and fireroasted tomato sauce wrap, and egg salad.



Happy Love Day!

 Happy Valentines Day everybody!
I had a WONDERFUL Valentines day! My day started with going to our homeschool co-op, and then me being delightfully surprised  by my lovely,kind,AMAZING Dad with roses, and a Snickers :) 
The funny thing is, when my younger brother Judah,  who happens to adore chocolate, said
"I`m having the chocolate!" lol! 
Anyways, sadly I didn`t get one single valentine from any of my (co-op) classmates! Just sad...
My Dad had work, and a meeting at our church, so we are going out Saturday for Dunkin` Dounts and lunch I think! I hope everyone had a wonderful Love Day! 
I have been thinking, and a WONDERFUL present for me would be for all of my lovely followers, would share my blog on yours, to get me some more followers!