life updates.

alot of things has happened since i posted an actual, long post. haha.

By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! i am sad to see 2014 go but excited to see a new year unfold and its surprises. 

So the first update i have is that my sister, Amber had her baby girl! i am a very proud Auntie.
her name is Novaleigh (nova-lee) Grace. she is the most precious thing ever. she was born on Thanksgiving day, and i had my Thanksgiving dinner a couple miles from the hospital at a restaurant. lol. she was born at 6:15am and shortly afterwards had to be transmitted to the NICU because she couldnt breathe on her own, But a week later she was a perfectly healthy, breathing on her own, baby. She is already 5 weeks old! it makes me so sad.

when she was in the NICU 

Also little Shalom turned a year old on Christmas Eve!

And i hope you enjoyed the video! Id better go. Love you all! God Bless!