// music monday //

itttsssss music monddayyyyyyy!!!!

todays song is "By our Love" by my favorite band, For King and Country.
I love this song so much. 
(sorry for the short post, i am doing this quickly!)

Aaliyah Marie

// changes //


i know i just started back with the frequent posting but, i'm afraid it might not be so often again.

we have family friends (a family of 10 as well.) who is moving in with us today, from Alabama until they find a home. i don't know how long this will be. it may be a short time, or it may be long.

i will still post, but it may not be everyday, because it will literally be like the Duggar's living in my tiny house!

i will try as often as i can to post!
pray that everything goes smoothly, and we don't go nuts! haha!


// thoughts on journaling //

i post previous journal entries pretty frequently on this blog.
i get questions from friends a lot asking what i write about, and why.
so in case you were wondering the same thing, here you go.
and if you weren't.... then... at least it gave me something to post? hehe
i love journaling.
it started on March 28th, 2012.
my first entry.
I was an eleven-year-old girl, who just wanted to be like Anne Frank, and have a journal too.
(i'm telling you, i lived in history. it was, and still is my favorite.)
at first, it was just something i did every once in awhile, to log what i had been up to.
but it turned into so much more.

some people picture journaling as the thing teenage girls do to write about boys,
and secrets, and why they are mad at so and so.
its not like that for me.
in fact, mine is more of a prayer journal than anything.

I am one who can not easily express my feelings to others openly and freely.
its a really hard thing for me to do.
if you are into personality types, i am an INFJ, if you didn't already figure that out. ;)
a lot of times, i have SO much more going on in my head, than i speak.
journaling helped with that.
i could openly express myself without the fear of saying it to an actual individual.
i get scared just thinking about trying to share things with others.
its not even necessarily a trust issue, but more of a fear you won't understand me.
so for me, finding friends that understand without you having to say much, is a treasure.
and for me to have found one lately, has given me indescribable joy.

journaling didn't really mean that much to me until i started getting older.
a lot of things happened the year i was eleven.
the major thing, and the hardest, was my older sister moving out.
most people look at me like i'm crazy when i was depressed when my sister moved out.
i mean, 18 year old's do it all the time right?
it was different.
my sister wanted to go and party, and "live it up", and i knew that.
and that's exactly what she did.
she didn't want to be around my parents, and i didn't know when i would ever see her again.
we were so close.
the bond we had was incredible.
even though we are 6 years apart, that never was an issue.
i loved my sister more than anything.
i was closer to her than i was to anyone, so it was extremely hard for me when she moved.
i lost my best friend.
i see her more frequently now because of my niece, but its still not the same.
to be able to pour my heart out to God, and beg Him to bring her back to Him was what i needed.
i had so many feelings locked up that needed out.
it was a relief to be able to do that.

then the dark stage i went through.
for months and months, and months, i wrote.
it felt like i wrote the same thing every time, but it helped.
when i could get all my feelings out, i could have peace for awhile.
i would journal and pray, and plead to God to lift this from me, at the same time.
and when that finally did pass, i  wrote for months and months praising God.
I would cry tears of joy as i did.

another big reason i journal, is so if i am privileged to have children one day, they can look
back on my writings and see all i went through, and how by Gods faithfulness, i came out.
how i grew in Christ, and different scenarios that happened.
my favorite thing to do is to look back on my old journals, and read what i wrote.
i love to see the way i thought about things, and what i thought was important.
i realize that probably two years from now, i will look back and think the same thing
about what i'm writing about now.
i love to watch how i've learned and grown.
sometimes i do wish, however, that i could be the eleven-year-old, who didn't really
contemplate things too much, and lived life simply.

i love you guys.

Aaliyah xoxo

// qoutes/scriptures i love //

*all credits to pinterest*

// worship wednesday //

so blogger props to me.
i forgot "music monday". *annoyed emoji here*

So this will have to do!

"Wasteland" by NEEDTOBREATHE

I have been loving this song.
it speaks to me.
it reminds me alot of the dark time i went through (post below).
my favorite line of the song is:

"yeah in this wasteland, where im livin' there is a crack in the door filled with light,
and its all that i need to shine yeah in this wasteland, where im livin' there is a crack in 
the door filled with light, and its all that i need to get by." 

Just hold on to that hope of the light at the end of the tunnel.
it will come.
i hope you will enjoy this song as much as i did.

Aaliyah xoxo

// top ten favorite blogs //

Hey guys :))))) I wasn't really sure about what i wanted to post, but as i was reading some blogs,
i thought i would mention my favorites so you can check them out! 
Please remember that these are in NO order whatsoever, of how well i like them.
i honestly just choose the one that came up first on my blogging list *laughing emoji here*
theres..uh..no shame in being lazy right?! hehehe
(click on the blog name, and it will take you directly to it!)

I loveeeee this blog. 
from her outfit posts, to her coffee talks, to her DIY's!
She writes SO well and clearly, and all her photos are just amazing. 
I love the clean, sleek, design as well. 
She also has a Youtube channel which i watch from time-to-time!

so many things i could say about this girl, but not enough time.
besides the fact that ive known her since the beginning of my blogging journey in 2011,
and she is the best South African friend i could ever ask for, she has a FABULOUS blog!
she writes the most beautiful, touching, poetry i have ever read. 
her photography is astonishing. 
trust me when i say, follow her, you wont regret it.

I've known the girl behind the blog, Britt, for years now.
She is soooo sweet. 
But her blog, is just great. The title pretty much explains her blog, but read it. 
its amazing. so, so, so, encouraging.

4. In Every Season
This girl.
I've known her for many years now, and she was actually one of my first followers!
I love her to death.
Her blog is so cute, and its filled with pretty astounding photography.
She is yet another one of my long distance friends, and she is very close to my heart.
Her writing. AH.
Jesus shines through her so brightly.

5. Kianna Rose Etc. (formally, Kiannas Korner)
i might as well say, ive known all these bloggers for a long time,
so i can just stop saying it.
Kianna is great. Her passion for the Lord is undeniable. 
She recently started her blog back up, and i am so excited!
She writes great stuff. 
And we dont even have to mention her photography skills k?

(i realize i just mentioned this blog awhile back. i don't care. its great.)
Besides the fact that the author is my best friend, its a purely *radical* (winks) blog.
Jacy, my dear. blog forever okay?!
All of her posts are above and beyond encouraging.
Every time i read her blog, i feel lifted up. 
Her writing is so great. 
I think.. i may.. have commented on almost every single post?... don't mind that. 

Its a photography blog.
the pictures are just amazing.
follow it.

Madeline doesn't post as often as she used to, 
but when you combine very frequent awkward and awesome posts, 
and great photography, its always a good thing. 

I have the privilege of knowing Julianna, personally.
Shes just great, as is her blog.
She recently just picking blogging back up, and i love it!
again, her pictures tho. *heart eyed emoji*

lastly, but defiantly not least, Katie Davis' blog.
If you've read "Kisses from Katie", you know who i'm talking about. 
I love this blog, because i can see how her ministry has continued, 
and i loved her book so, so, much. 
i've read it about 3 times now. 
She recently just got married to a man that is in the same work she is in, 
and its just so sweet to see her life. 

I hope you enjoy these blogs!

awkward and awesome thursday.

its been quite awhile since I've done a post like this, so i thought i would do it!
enjoy learning about my recent events.
trust me, i have plennnntttyyyy more things that fall under the "awkward" section.


-going into a McDonalds out of town (quite a ghetto one i might add), and ordering the
 same thing you always get and have them say "uh we don't have that." and me, "um.. umm.."
 and we sit there staring at each other for like, i dunno, two minutes?
*insert annoyed emoji face here*

-running into people you were friends with in your childhood, and not sure if they recognize
you or not, so you kinda just keep looking their way to make sure they *don't* recognize you,
 so if they do, they don't think you are just being rude. ya feel?

-walking into a bookstore, stopping in your tracks, and deeply inhaling (DEEPLY) the amazing smell, and people all around you staring. yeah. that happens to me a lot.

- on with more bookstore adventures, finding "The Princess Bride" fan-gear, and while fangirling, you find out your grandma has no idea what that movie is. then of course, you scream
 and everyone stares, once again.

-waking up, and walking upstairs, still in your pajamas, your hair in a crazy bun, basically
 a sloth, only to find your mom invited company over and you had no idea.
 anddd it happens three days in a row.

-when you are the kind of person who likes pleasing other people, over what you actually
 want to do, things can get... well... here.

person: "which ________ do you want?"
me: "oh, uh. whatever you want, i really don't care."
person: "well i don't care either sooo,,"
me: "uhhhhhhh... well... i mean,,,"
person: "i don't care, honestly."
me: "well i dont honestly care either, so just pick."
person: "for real. i.dont.care."
me: "me either."
me: *picks what i think the other person actually wants even though i may hate it*

-when you are an avid thinker, and so when you are just sitting around, your parents think you're
 sad all the time, when in all honesty, you are thinking of all sorts of things like,
planning get-togethers with friends, trying to remember what you dreamed about last night,
or what you're going to eat for lunch. sometimes they are more important things.

-when your laugh is loud and annoying.
and maybe a higher pitched voice...

-wearing black during summer and then wonders "why am i so hot?!"


-late (llaatteeee)  night, heart-to-heart talks with your best friend. need I say more? *winks*

-seeing friends that you've prayed for, for so long, starting to find God, and realize their need for Him.

-cuddling at night with little sisters. they are crazy, sassy, rotten, and rambunctious, but i love them so much.

-iced coffee. chocolate-covered coffee beans, coffee in general, again, need I say more?

-music. *shivers*


-the smell of my youth leaders car. its *RADICAL*. *winks again* (maybe this should fall under my lists of quirks? yeah.)

-mid-day snacks. especially whens its banana bread.

music monday..

hey guys! I hope you all are enjoying the more frequent posting!
It is challenging, but I hope to try my hardest to pick up the slack!

For this weeks "Music Monday" I have an amazingggg worship song, which also happens to be my Dad's favorite, and he blasts it as loud as the volume in his truck will go every time it plays! haha!
enjoy, and listen closely. its such a good song.

"Dry Bones" by Lauren Daigle

keep the faith.

"keep the faith"

that phrase means a lot to me.

i went through i very dark period in my life... and it was long. 
most nights i cried myself to sleep. 
i asked God "why" every day. 
i just wanted to scream.
i could give you journal entry, upon journal entry, of me pouring my heart out to God. 
i honestly didn't, and still don't know exactly what i was struggling with. 
i felt alone.
i felt worthless.
i thought no one cared if i lived or died. 
it was a very difficult feeling. 
i couldn't figure my feelings out. 
if you asked me what my problem was, i probably wouldn't be able to tell you. 

but i pressed on. 
i wanted to give up.. but i didn't. 
i held on to Gods promises to get me through. 
i don't know exactly how long this time lasted, but it felt like an eternity. 

but one day, ah. 

one day as we were worshiping in church one Sunday, the chains broke.the weight was lifted,
and i felt closer to God than i ever had. 
it was a truly amazing feeling. 
i cried and cried and thanked God for pulling me through. 
the clouds were lifted. 
for the first time in forever i was truly happy, 
not to say i never go through rough patches, but i learned so much about keeping the faith, 
and seeking God, finding hope, and never giving up, and ultimately letting Satan know that MY GOD IS STRONGER than anything he could ever throw my way. 
Satan is nothing. 
never let him have power. 
God will only put you through things he KNOWS you can handle. 
always remember that. 

you may not always know the answers, but that's okay. cause i know a God who does. 

a old prayer journal entry....

i got told the other day that one of my so-called "friends", that i am "too nice",
i laughed out loud!
i am grateful that thats the reason she doesnt like me.
i dont like to be unliked, but that gives me a hope that You are shining through me.
You said i would be persecuted.
I would rather the world hate me because of You, than be famous without You.
In You i have hope.
You hold me in Your hands and hug me with a warm embrace.
Because of You, i have a brighter tomorrow.
You have sustained my every need and Your grace overwhelms me.
Your love is just indescribable.
Let Your light shine through me in such an amazing way, that people stop and wonder what I have.
Help me to be willing to risk everything for You and never look back.
Let me be an encourager to others, and a lantern to show them the way in the dark.
Help me to be loving, and even more condsiderate.
Make me a bright, and beautiful flower, coming out of dark soil with thorns all around.
Let me glisten in your sunlight, and dance in your beautiful rain.
Help me to cherish every moment of this wonderful life you've given me.
I could go on and on.
But most of all, help me love You with an unconditional, crazy, amazing love.
A bond that would be impossible to break, no matter how hard the tugging.
You are worth any trials I may go through.
Just the thought of You makes me smile.
I'm so glad you adopted me as Your own and call me by name.
I strive to be Your humble servant who is obedient in all things.
I love you so much, Daddy.


be you.


its such a one-of-a-kind thing.
no one else could ever be you if they tried.
and that's pretty cool.

NEVER be afraid to be yourself.
don't conform to others molds.
you are unique and that's okay.
its actually more than okay.
God made you perfect just the way you are.

this is something i struggle with SO much.
a lot of times, i feel very, very, insecure around new people, because i wonder what they will think of me.
i worry what they will think of my personality, my humor, even dumb things like my clothing.
its an easy thing to do.
i have to realize that i shouldn't worry about things like that.
God made me just the way i am and i shouldn't want to change that.
A LOT of times i look at other girls, and even my friends and think, "why are they so gorgeous all the time and i cant even take a selfie where i don't look like a dork?!?!"
but then i stop and realize, even though those feelings are still there, i shouldn't think that.
God took so much care into making me, and i am complain and basically saying He made me ALL wrong.
Its like this:
imagine if you spent all week on a gift for a friend. You put so much care and detail into the gift. You decorated it with all their favorite colors, and just knew they would love it!
Then, you give them the gift and they look at it and complain.
"Well, i saw this same gift somewhere else that looked so much better than this." or,
"couldn't you have done better?!?!"
Wouldn't you be hurt?! You spent so much time, and put so much love into it, for them to just complain and hate it.
Imagine how God must feel when we complain about our features or looks.

Insecurity is pretty much inevitable, but we should not let it overtake our minds.
God made YOU for a purpose NO ONE else can do. Do you realize that?!
Its such an important thing to remember.

so i'm going to end this with saying,
be you, fearlessly.
be a dork. dorks are the best kinda people in my opinion. I'M ONE!!!!
don't ponder what others may think of you. cause in all actuality, they probably like you more than you think.
always, always, ALWAYS, remember God made you for a reason, and no one can take your place.