Oh, Happy Birthday to ME!

Yayyy! Yep, it`s true! Nope, I am not thirteen, not yet fourteen, and definitely not fifteen! Today I have officially lived, and had a wonderful twelve years! Everyone that I meet, always thinks I am fourteen, but nope. A whole two years for me there bud
Sorry it`s sideways. I was 2 here.

I was about just turned 6 here.
I was 7 here.

about 9 here.

10 years here.
10 1/2 here.
11 here.
Fall/almost Spring. Will be 12 in a month.
So, I hope you have enjoyed the photos! If I have a birthday photo shoot, I will give more photos!


New Blog Design!

Hey All!

I made a new blog design! How do you like it? It will be temporary, until I get my new headers,
but this is the first header I have made!
If you would like a background and/or header, please email me @ growinginhisimage@yahoo.com  !!

// awarded! //

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(P.S. Thanks Britt for awarding me!)


1. If you could have a "flower pen name", what would it be?

Maybe.. Daffodil, Sweet Pea (lol) or Tulip.

2. What is your favorite ever Bible verse and why?
Proverbs 31:10 "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies."
Because, it reminds me too be the best woman of God I can be.

3. What are the blogs that inspire you most?
Hmm.. That is a veryy hard question! I am going to have to say... Welp. I can`t answer that!

4. If you and your friends could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
It has been my dream to visit Paris, France! But I would want to go with my family.

5. If you have one, feel free to share your testimony as to how you became a Christian.
Well... When I was four years old, (I remember the day as clearly is if I was there right now!) I was sitting in Sunday school, and my Mom was the teacher at the time. I asked her if I could be saved that day. She asked me if I believed Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and rose again on the third day, etc. And my Mom announced to the whole church I had just gotten saved, and then I got baptized by my Dad, in our lake. (Lake Cumberland) And ever since I have tried my very best to live for him!  I have been on some rollercoasters, but I love God with all my heart!

I award

Emmy (My Journal)
Kathryn (Chatty Kathy)
Emma (Ramblings of Emma)
Sara Jayne (Growing in Gods Image)
Tangerine-Tane (Fifth out of Ten)


Need More Followers! Please?

Yep! You read the post! I need more followers! The reason you ask? Because the are giveaways involved once I get 80 followers on Growing In His Image! And once I get 20 followers on Imperishable Beauty , I will do another giveaway! Yayy! Now all I need is for you to help me get some followers flooding my blog!


Kari Jobe // Chris Tomlin concert 2013!

Hey All!
I had someone by the name of Sara Jayne (she has a great blog by the way!) ask if I was going to post about the concert, which I was already planning on, so I am going to post about it now! And sorry about the blurryness of the pictures, but do keep in mind, it was a concert with people moving constantly!

                        Here are a few Kari Jobe pics. the last one (on the third row) is Chris Tomlin and Kari.

                             My friend Faith`s Kari Jobe bracelet, that says "HOPE" turns out Kari was wearing the
                            same bracelet at the concert!
Traffic as far as you can see!

This guy is "Wicky Wicky" the DJ there.

Chris Tomlin.

Chris and the DJ.

White Flag!

The audience with their White Flags.

Chris Tomlin and Kari share a song.

Throwing beach balls to the audience to throw around! My friend Faith got to take one home! The balls say "Chris Tomlin: Burning Lights "

Dancing to "God`s Great Dance Floor"

Dancing Kari!

My jacket I got at the concert!

And yes, I got it big for a reason, so if it shrinks, it will still fit!

                                                I hope you enjoyed the photos!

// awkward and awesome //

// awkward //

* Lowercase letters are very popular, I mean no one uses capital letters anymore.

* It seems like everyone is "starting over" their blogs.

* Not remembering any awkward or awesome things.

* Spring feeling like Summer, because your used to snowy, cold, weather. 

* Trying to get this post done before bed.

* Actually writing this on Wednesday, but scheduled for Thursday.

// awesome //

* Going to a Kari Jobe concert today! Please pray for safe traveling!

* Watching "Little Men", writing this blog post, and on Pinterest.

* Fresh milk from our new Jersey cow! (post about later)

* Almost finished with the book of Proverbs! I am on chapter 30!

* Netflix. Need I say more?

just in case your wondering what I did for April fools... // spring!

I was a sneaky girl this April Fools. But, if I dare say so myself, I did some pretty awesome pranks :)

Cup of water over bathroom door. When you shut the door, you will get a liquidy surprise!

I put tape over the sprayer thingy, *me sitting on couch waiting while Mom is in kitchen getting water* Me: Mwahhaahaaa ( in head). *few seconds later* Mom: AHHHHHHH! AALIYAH MARIE! she wasn`t really mad, she was just screaming fairly loud. Oh sorry, I meant to put "LOUD" ! 

Okay, okay, I know that I have been talking alot about spring lately, but just in case you haven`t noticed, it is my favorite season!

So This girl came over! Yep, the cute little (okay maybe not so little cause she almost 14, but ya know whateve`s) red head, that I blog about quite a bit!

 And we baked a couple cupcakes! Okay, I lied, maybe not just a couple , maybe like (no kidding, you can ask my parents, we baked all.day.long. Well, when we weren`t trying to get a bobby pin out of the church door, that we tryed to break it open with to get some water after a long bike ride, but that`s another story, and don`t worry, it was my Grandpa`s church, so don`t think we are criminals or anything :) But, anyways we made about.. Well, we made about 8 new recipes, so I guess about 8 dozen. No kidding. Needless to say there were alot of dishes to do!

Our mini wedding cake we made out of two large cupcakes, and a mini cupcake!

Welp Folks, that`s all for today!