*crickets chirping, probably*

Hehe. Hi, guysssss. It's been a really long time, lol. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I promise I have really good excuses. 😂  Life has been absolutely insane. Just when you think things are slowing down something else comes up. Not that that's always a bad thing, it's just busy! And I started senior year!!! So excited and ready. But more on that later!! 

Today we are talking about my dear friend, Kate, and her NEWLY-RELEASED BOOK WHATTTT?!?!?! I'm super excited for The Blood Race. I tried to make an aesthetic and everything. HAHA, this was my first aesthetic ever so hopefully, it's okay. 😂
(and technically, the blog tour is over as of yesterday, but I decided to post this anyway because I'm a rebel 😎)

I don't know how many of you have talked to Kate/know her personally, but she is literally amazing. One of my favorite people on planet Earth, probably. She inspires me daily and I am SO PROUD of her and this book!!! Kate has a fire inside her bones that can never be extinguished, and her passion shows so strongly through her writing. I have been enjoying her blog for nearly two years and every single post blows me away. So juST IMAGINE HOW GOOD THIS BOOK MUST BE!!! I just asdfghjkl. >>>yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Here's the synopsis that will get you totally hyped:


He’s spent his life running from who he is. She’s been trying to escape her past for 100 years…

Born with unexplainable abilities he struggles to control, college student Ion tries desperately to integrate into his new school and finally put his dark past behind him. But after making a serious enemy, which leads to an accidental rendezvous with the mysterious old man next door— and his hauntingly beautiful but troubled young protégée Hawk, Ion realizes his life will never be normal again.
Late one evening, Hawk drags him by the hand into a closet-turned-rabbit-hole to an extra dimension, and Ion finds himself stumbling involuntarily into a secret society of training for “anomalies,” teenagers with a special set of abilities. Just like him.
As they train to become Protectors of future Earth, battling each other as well as their own demons, both Ion and Hawk begin to realize that they are far more alike than they realized. Unsettlingly so.
When the Dimension is shaken by an unthinkable betrayal, will an ancient prophecy bring Hawk and Ion together—or will a deadly threat hidden in plain sight cost them both their powers… and their lives?