Photo Challenge #4 Is........

Ok, so I gave it some thought, and I asked a couple people for ideas, and I finally made up my mind to do........

               A picture taken with the effect "Macro"

I discovered today, that my digital camera, has Marco effect! Macro is a setting on your camera, (note: it was had for me to find.) that foucuses on the object your photographing, and the background is.... well.. I guess you could say blurry??? If you don`t have marco, then thats O.K. just take a picture that is foucused on one object. Oh! And here is my examples below.  Have Fun! And here are the rules.

 -You must enter before June 5th. That is your deadline.
-Voting starts June 5th.
-Your age dosen`t matter.
-Only enter one photo please.
-Don`t use any other photo that goes beyond what the theme is about.


The Skirt I Made for Glory.

Here it is! Please comment if you like it! I am thinking about trying to sell these skirts, What do you think? Sorry about the lines! I don`t know why it does that!

playing on the iPad!

My Day So Far...

I rose up, took a look at the clock... 8:30. Glory (who sleeps with me) was still alseep, while I was wide awake. I knew I couldn`t leave her, so I just thought in about 5 minutes or so, she would be up. Well... She woke up at 9:25. Anyways, after going upstairs, chores, and changing Glory`s diaper and clothes, I went outside to plant my flowers (Zinna`s, Morning Glory`s, Moonflower.) Then my herbs (parsley and basil)

Then I came on here, and decided to show you all dear followers my little flowers! I love them already.. hehe!

Have a Great Day!

Bake Sale!

Yesterday (26th) we had a Bake Sale with some of our church family, and all the proceeds are going to fund a community Father/Daughter Dance, September 22nd. We had an awesome time! Here are some pictures! (note: I did not photograph these) Oh! And I done the Lemonade Stand! hehe!



Silly Daniel!

My New Obsession!

Ruffles and Stuff Website. That's my obsession! I have just taken in a "Sewing Mood" about three days ago. I have made a dress, that was supposed to be my sister Glory`s, but turned out to be a 12 month size! I have made a skirt for my 3 year old cousin Kadence, and a skirt for me,
a apron for my lemonade stand, a star headband, and still sewing!

Here is the skirt I made for myself,
The only bad thing about the skirt, is that it makes me look kinda wide, but it`s comfy and the first thing I actually sewed, and it worked, so I like it!I am making another skirt for me today, and make my sister Glory one to match! I will post pictures! Don`t you worry! Except the skirt I am making today, will not look like the one above, and it will probably have pockets! I love pockets! Don`t you?

                                           Anyways! Gotta go!
                              Lemonade stand and skirt making awaits!

Glory Auna....

Glory is was a little miracle to me.  I had been praying for a litte sister, ever since I knew how to pray. Mom had miscarried four little precious babies I will meet someday in Heaven. I was scared she wouldn`t make it. But she did. There was four boys before her, so I thought se would be a boy. As soon as my mom told me "Pink!" I jumped for joy! I was so happy! She is my little miracle. And I love her. Glory is also very.. Ummm... I don`t even know if "Rotten" is the word for her? hehe! She already ha a BIG personality, and she already says "No" and everything! She is adoreable though, and she is very funny, and she knows she is! hehe!            Glory loves, her chickens, fluff, hairbows, playing with the boys (I think she will grow up to be a tomboy!), cows, and her taters!

                       Glory, I love you! You are so special to me!
                                      Aweah loves you!

               I hope you have enjoyed, getting to know my siblings!


Judah is just like Elijah. Judah loves to clean! Which is a good thing, but with him having six siblings, and one on the way, I am sure he will grow out of it! And soon! hehe! Judah loves, frogs, snakes, anything slimy, bubbles,  school, and watching me sew.

                I Love You Dearly Little Brother!


Josiah Is a little snuggle bug. He is so sweet! I love him dearly. He hardly ever speaks an unkind word to anyone. Josiah wants to be a "Christian Cowboy"
he calls it. He has always loved farms, animals, tractors, John Deere, anything farmish. Which is a good thing, considering, we live on a 50 acre farm.
Josiah wants to go to Montana when he grows-up.
Josiah loves: Babies, tractors, farm, farm toys, John Deere, and the color yellow.

Tick-Tock There Goes The Clock...

I am just going to start out this post with..   "Wow".

Time has come and gone so quickly. It seems like just yesterday it was my 10th Birthday, now I am eleven, and it`s almost summer! Man...... 

Tell me people, how do you spend your time? Is the sky your limit? Or are you the person who likes to just be an ordinary?

Cherish -  Your time while you have it.

Love - Like you never have, before its too late.

Live -  Like your dieing tomorrow.

Remember - "Life Is But A Vapor"

Everyday, every step you take, is getting you closer to the glorious day! Where you see your Lord! That died for you, To set you free! How amazing will it be! To see the person, you worked hard for too see! I can`t imagine the feeling! Can you? And Heaven! How amazing that will be! No pain, no tears! No sin! Can you believe it? Things will be exactly how it was ween God created it to be before sin! How.... Well.. It`s Indescribable! It`s going to be amazing! I just can`t wait! Just think, a lion, will sit with a lamb! How wowing is that! {like my new word?} I wonder what it will be like? Wow.....

            P.S. Please comment your thoughts, about what you think heaven will be like?



Sorry about the lines?

Elijah loves life. He can be cleaning the bathroom,
and he will be very happy! He is a spitting image of my Dad. He is most of the time either holding a toad, or running around in the woods, with his blue backpack on that he takes wherever he goes, playing Survivor Man. Elijah loves, frogs, snakes, legos, and using his imagination.

                        Elijah, You Are Awesome!


Devin is a sweet and wonderfull brother. He is always helpful in every way. He loves to have fun, ride the go-cart, biking, hiking,legos, beef jerky, and green smoothes!

I love You Devin!
You are an maqnifique brother!



Amber Is always kind, and loving. She is an amazing Sister after God`s own heart. I love her. She is amazing. She is always willing to help, in whatever way she can. She Loves, Her body pillow {haha!}, her family, Burlap TOMS, life, her journal, and Hoilday Cook-outs.

                             I Love You Amber!

My Mother.....

My Mother is an amazingly awesomely incredibly the best Mom ever! God could have never placed a better Mother in my life. She is always kind, caring, a good listener, loving and much more things I could never type into one blog post. I love her very much. Words could NEVER explain how much I love her. God knew that I would need here in my life. She has always loved me and my siblings with unexplainable love. I love her so much. She fixes my meals, makes sure I have clothes and shoes to wear, she works hard so that our needs are meet. Even though she has tons of laundry and cleaning to do, and still has to fix lunch and get school started, and lay the baby down for a nap, I never hear a complaint. She is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I love her, and she loves me.

                         May God Bless And Keep You,
                          And Let His Face Shine Upon


Guest post from Whispering Willows!

Hello All,

This is Summer from my blog Whispering Willows, Lovely Aaliyah, graciously asked me to do a guest post, so first of all, I'll tell you a little about myself,

My Favorite thing ever is horses, I have taken horseback riding lessons for about a year and a half now, and I love them very much, I hope to own a horse of my own someday, but for now, I am content with my lessons.

My favorite singer is Jackie Evancho, I love opera so much and am trying to learn it, I am in the process of  playing O mio babbino le caro on my violin.

My favorite Book is the Bible, Jesus is my hero and  I love Him more than anything.

My favorite move is Tangled! (I LOVE long hair)

I have a lot of other hobbies, so make sure you check out my blog, here is the link Whispering Willows.

I hope you all follow, ;) And thank you so much again Aaliyah for letting me guest post.

Blessings to all,


How To Make A Voting Poll.

Hello! Today I will show you how to make a voting poll, for those of you who don`t know. So here it goes!
                                                    Ok, So first go to blogger dashboard,.
                                                     Then press Design,
                                                       Then, Add A Gadget.
                                                     This is wht you should see.
                                                         Then if you scroll down, yo will see a
                                                     gadget called "Poll"
                                                          Then click the littl blue + sign,
                                                       Then type in whatever you want.
                                                           Then add your answers.
                                                                 And then your settiings.
                                                                     Then Save! Enjoy!