here and now.

lately I have been realizing that the "here and now" is a gift and I need to recognize it more.

most days I am looking forward to something that's ahead in the day, or week, and just want to "skip" through the day. Or I watch the clock, waiting for time to pass.
But I realize, that every minute is a GIFT. Do you ever think that you only get today ONCE?
it can never be re-lived. no matter how badly you want it to happen, it won't.
This very minute you are reading this blog post, is passing by with no way to be gained back.

people always say "live life to the fullest" well, they are right.


Live life beautifully. Live it too where you have NO regrets. Life is a maybe. Be grateful for the time you have NOW.

Slow down. Breathe. Take life one second at a time. Worry about what you are doing NOW, not tomorrow.

You are granted a gift that few people get. Life is challenging but it is a wonderful thing.

Remember. Life is beautiful.
Now go live.


qoute of the week.

"And forget not the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair."
Khalil Gibran
I just love this quote and I thought I would share.


[ joi ]
noun: joy
    a feeling of great pleasure and happiness:
    This is the official meaning of joy. I personally think that's just a little of what it means.
    I dream to have PERFECT joy. Joy is something that cant really be described.
    Lately I have found joy. not perfect, but I have found it.
    I always heard people say when they were asked how they stayed so joyful, and they would always respond with, "its a choice.".
    Every time I heard that I would just think to myself, "they make it sound so easy. its not."
    And I was right. Its not easy. But it is a choice.
    [ CHois ]
    noun: choice · plural noun: choices
      an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities:
    now, this is the meaning of choice. as said there, making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.
    So you can choose.
    I'm not trying to make it sound easy, because it really isn't. And I still have my days where I just want everyone to leave me alone, and I just don't want to talk to anyone.
    For years and years I've been wondering why my attitude was such a problem, and ultimately, what I am doing to make me have this attitude at times?
    But I think its because I just simply choose to have a bad attitude.
    So now, when I feel a bad attitude coming on, I try to think over and over, "Aaliyah. CHOOSE a joyful attitude." its not that easy and its not like flipping a light switch, I mean come on, we are human. and like I said, I still have my days, but you CAN have joy. It is possible.
    Having joy is a blessing.
    I feel so good lately. looking back to just a few weeks ago, I never want to go back to that.
    So like I said in the beginning of this post, joy is so much more than that description.
    Joy is a perfect gift from God. He wants for you to receive that gift.
    I hope to further increase my joy but for now I am so happy I finally know I little piece of what that is.

my apologies

I am truly sorry for being so distant. Life has been unbelievably busy for me lately.

So you are reading the writings of a now 14 year old me. Its been almost a month since that change. I don't really feel any different, however I love turning a year older.
I have lots of stuff to post, its just finding the time to do it.

Along with just day to day, big family craziness, we just came back home from a weekend vacation. It was jammed packed and exhausting, but I had a blast. so we are trying to get back into the swing of things now..

Also, if you follow me on Instagram (growinginhisimage) you already know, but my Momma is pregnant with my 9th brother or sister! We are thrilled. Her morning sickness is now subsiding and we now get to enjoy the fun stuff like finding out the gender. Well actually I am the only one finding out! Haha! I am planning a gender reveal party for her which I am ecstatic about.

So again, I am sorry for the crazy posting. I am trying to set up a posting schedule and we will see how that works out. I love you all and hope you'll see more of me! Haha!