Who Can Find?

Proverbs 31:10 is by all time favorite verse! I love this verse because i want to be this virtuous woman it talks about. I want my price to be far above rubies. I want my furture husband to just look at me and tell that i have the features this verse talks about. But then i thought, ``What is the Qualities of Virtous Woman?``
A Virtuous woman has Trustworhiness,Genoristy and Consern,Able to Manage her Household,Femine and Modest apperence,Kindness,The Fear of God,Joy,and last she must be conserned about her family and children. Do I have all those qualities? No,not all of the time. But not everyone is perfect,So dont worry! I am defiently FAR from perfect!

                               Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
                                                                Proverbs 31:10

May God Keep You and Bless You Always!

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

I love this song because it teaches to follow the Lord wherever and whenever he may lead you! While listening to this song, examine your heart to see if it is truly surrendered to him! (I also love this song because its peaceful!!)

May God Bless You and Keep You Always!

My Dreams...

My dreams are.. well.. lets just say different,then other ten year old girls.
My dream is to be standing in my kitchen cooking lunch. serving my children
with whatever they may need. Sitting down around the dining room table
doing school. Standing in the laundery room washing clothes. Finnaly
hearing my husband come home from work. My children running to the
door squeling and waiting for their hugs and kisses. Most girls dream of being
a Vet,Or a doctor,or even what i used to want to be, a Teacher.... But i realized
that the Bible says to be Keepers AT Home, Not IN the home. I realized that i need
to be home caring for my children,instead of following my own desires. But i realized
again that staying home IS my desire! I hope this encourges girls to also realize that.
Not to just be encourged by what i say, but what God says.

                                             May God Keep You and Bless You Always.


Hello! I hope you will enjoy this blog! I am a newbie at this so PLEASE bear with me!! I hope young ladies, like myself will be encoureaged through this blog!!

 May God Bless You Always!