He is faithful.

there have been several circumstances lately where i can truly see the Lords goodness and faithfulness in my life.

One being, that my foster cousin was taken away to a new foster home, because of "medical neglect". I wasnt supposed to see them for a long time. I was so heartbroken about it because she is one of my best friends. it was a really rough day for me and my family.
But just not even two days later we got a phone call saying she was coming back home! My lovely friends Tane , Kathryn , Becca and others were praying for me and my cousin. And i cant thank them enough for that. I have seen my cousin twice since and am so happy.

Just a couple days ago my dad fell 8 feet of a ladder and was unconscious until the ambulance came and got him. He could have easily broke his back, or landed the wrong way and died. But he didnt. He has a really bad concussion and really dizzy, has a pretty big wound on his head, and stiff, but other than that he is fine. In fact right now he is out in town with my mom and a couple siblings.

God is so faithful.

Not to say that nothing bad will ever happen to you and your family because trust me they will. But as the Bible says all things work together for the good of those who love Him.
Trials will come, But thats okay. Because God will be right there through it all. It wont be easy, the Bible never promised it would, but be still and know He is God. Find peace in Him. Know his goodness, mercy and love.

Life is a maybe, death is for sure, Sin is the cause but Jesus is the cure.  


wreck this journal

so I am pleased to announce that I got this in the mail today.

I am so excited to start it! but I have a little teensy weensy disadvantage.

I cant draw.  you might think im over exaggerating, but im really not. I cannot draw. ask anyone.
So I really don't think that mine will be as gorgeous as everyone elses, because mine will be full of drawings I really tried on, but failed epically. reallyyyy epically.
But then again, my drawing abilities may come out while doing (or trying) this, but then again, they really may not. And that's okay I guess. Experience right?
So ill just hope and pray that it will be beautiful and I am really a Picasso waiting to come out. Haha no. But maybe.... Okay ill stop now. But lets just say ill be relying on Pinterest to give me ideas also, because I don't have the most creative mind when it comes to drawing. Or anything artsy for that matter.
So I was wondering something... Would you like for me to post maybe 2 a week of some pages ive finished? Like to document? Comment or like or something if so. It will give me something to write about at least.
Well bye for now! See you soon!

music monday.

yay music mondayy! I am excited to share my favorite song from my favorite artist!

I love this song so much. I love the "leave it all behind" message. We have to be willing to surrender all of us and everything we love for God. Not that im in any way perfect at this. But I strive to be better at it. So heres your song for this week! enjoy!

"To Leave it all Behind" by Moriah Peters