This post is late. maybe too late, but i just wasn't able to get to it. You may remember a little girl named Kierra who I mentioned, had leukemia, and I asked you to pray for her. If you are a new follower, the post link is HERE.

Well... She had a bone marrow transplant, too be sure her leukemia wouldn't return. 
after the bone marrow transplant, her body started shutting down. Soon after, she got a brain fungus, and it quickly spread. there were many times, where the doctors were amazed, that she was even living through the day. Soon, her kidneys started shutting down, and she was dying. she got to return home from the hospital. And around 10:15 on August 3rd Kierra Grace Matheny, got to go see Jesus! As one of her good friend said, 
"She beat us all there!". Her funeral was difficult too go through. Very difficult. not one person in the room had a dry eye. 
please be praying for the family. she has three younger brothers, who i am sure miss their sister, and parents who miss their 10 year old daughter.  
please be praying! thanks.