If You Were My Best Friend....

Hello! I decided to post this after it had been going around some blogs, so I decided to do it myself!

           If you were my best friend you would        
                             know that:

-Turqouise is my color

-I love chocolate milk

-I only like a certain brand of hot dogs

-I have four loving and entergetic brothers, and two sisters

-I LOVE the TLC series "19 Kids and Counting" and, " United Bates of America"

-My birthday is April 23rd

-Technolgy is my secret nerd power :D lol

-At times I could swin all day and have before.

-When I was little I called my freckles "Angel Kisses"

-I hate watching sports. I mean HATE.

-I have a job of babysitting twice a week

-And I have friends all over the world! Litterly.. lol


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SO... I have a question to ask all of you.. I had to delete my Imperishable Beauty blog because of my tragic camera incident. SO, I want to make a blog to replace that... I was thinking of a Nature/Nature Photography/etc. I will most likely have contrbutors, and things, but I need a blog design and a name.

                                 So, if you have any ideas on names,
                      comment, if you have ideas on designs,
                      email at meeceaaliyah@yahoo.com


Bad News.. ;(

So guys and gals all around the world... I have very tragic and depressing news....

                                    MY CAMERA BROKE!

How saddening can this get! No more photography, no more anything!