Vintage Things....

Oh how I love vintage things! Don`t you? Well, our good friends gave us some of her Grandma`s school books! One was from 1926!


My Entry...

For Kathryns challenge!


Hey Guys! I have exciting news! My family and I just found TWO baby chicks wondering aroud! We don`t know, which one of our chickens, is the Momma, or what, but we are shocked! We have NO clue where they came from!



Cherish everything possible. Memories, people, events, anything.

Because one day, those memories, may be all you have.

You don`t realize, now why cherishing everything is important, but one day, when you can`t remember those things, you will wish you had.

You might remember the good times , or funny things, etc. But will you remember the samll things? You should.

Because someday, the things that stick out in your memory, won`t be important. It is the things, that you may hardly ever notice, that counts.




Don`t you just love the feeling...      You are compeltly free...


                The feeling.. It has a feeling like nothing else.


   Be  .....


Canning: Day 1 - Pickled Sweet Banana Peppers!

Hey All! How was your weekend? Mine was good! Anyways, I better save some room for this post because there is alot of pictures!


~Guest Post By Anna-Faith~

Hello Followers of Growing in His Image!
First of all I'd like to introduce myself.
My name is Anna-Faith Kiser. I live in a town in Kentucky named Shelbyville. I have 7 siblings. 3 sisters and 4 brothers. I live on a farm where we have laying hens {yes, about a 100}, 4 Dairy Cows, 6 Cats, 20 Broarding race horses, and 3 other horses. My hobbies are baking, crafting, swimming, horseback riding, and helping out on our farm.

Okay, I need to stop talking about my self and start talking about Aaliyah.
So first of all I have to say that Aaliyah is an awesome girl. She is friendly, kind , creative, and a awesome godly girl! I have never met her is person but I hope to one day.

I think I'll post some photo's:

                      This is a photo of my riding a horse name Molly. ( I riding english thought in this picture I'm not)

Here is a photo of me and my BFF Addie.

This is a photo of me (and the chicken) in Egypt were we did missions for 3 months.
I also lived on Sudan for 2 years and Jordan for 2 years also.

That will be all for today!
Please contact my: