Photography Contest! Last Chance!

So! Anyone else want to enter the photography contest? April 10th is voting time! Better hurry! Remeber, you will get a blog award, so that is GREAT! I hope I win a blog award sometime in my life.......
Ok! In my own little world there! lol Anyways, So if you would like to enter, please enter in the little blue frog link, And if no one enters by April 5th-April 7th then Kathryn will win! ( I hope your happy Kathryn!) And Thank You SO much for entering! No one else has entered and you did! Thanks! Anyways so I have to go now but I will come back and write soon!

God Bless!

Welp, Today for the first time EVER I playing Mini Golf! I know you might say, "Serously? Never?" Well, Sorry to say but "Yes.. Never.." So anyways I teamed up with my bestie (one of them anyways) Sarah Kate! Here She Is! (down there, Yes there! lol)
Anyways at first I had NO idea how to even hold the stick thingy! (see thats how you know I am being truthful because I don`t even know what the stick thingy is called! ) So it was quite an experience! It was SO much fun though! I got 16 out of 18 holes! For my first time I think thats pretty good if I must say so myself! lol Anyways I`d LOVE to stay and Chit-Chat with you BUT I have to go try to find somthing to cook for dinner! lol (my momma is gone! ) Bye Bye!
Sarah Kate!

I Am Entering!

Hello all you lovely friends! I have FINNALY decided to enter Heidi Mari`s Fortnightly Baking Callenge!  Here is my entry,

Peanut Butter Cookies!

If You Would Like This Short And Easy Recipe,
E-mail Or Comment!!

Please Vote For Me!

Voting Time For Tanes Drawing Contest! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!
I BEG OF YOU! I have never won anything (well maybe like 3 things that my family have done!) So if you would kindly just skip right on over there and vote for me I would appreciate it!

AWESOME Giveaway!

I entered this Giveaway at the Beautiful, and Lovely Anna Faith`s Blog! If you would like to enter also click HERE! Thanks!

Do You Love The Way YOU Want To Be Loved?

I find myself asking this question ALOT! But just think for a moment.. DO YOU? ..............silence...................................................
Well.. In that moment of silence, did you examine your heart? Or did you think of someone else, and say "Well I know for a fact that "So and So" Dosen`t Love "So and So" As much as him/herself.
( And by love I mean brotherly love! lol) Anyways!

Before you speak, T-H-I-N-K....T- is it true? H-is it healpful? I- is it inspiring? N- is it nessary? K- is it kind?.... Phillippians 4:6-8
Have A Very Blessed Day!

Frogs, Eggs, And More!

Hello! I want to show you today the AMAZING Frogs, Eggs, and more that my Wonderful brother caught! They are very fun to look at!
Some people may think they are gross (most of my family), But I think it is very educational! Hands On Learning! lol Anyways I have some pictures! (if you think this is gross please comment!)
Just Layed Egg!

More Formed Egg

The Momma!

Just Layed Egg Again!

I am not sure why there is a line, But
that is a just layed egg!

More Formed Egg!

Thank You For Looking!

My Family!

This was asked by the lovely Anna Faith! You people out there may think you have the best family in the world, well you can keep thinking that, but I am sure my family is best! (just joking! I am sure your family is GREAT! lol) Anyways Here they are!

This is a picture of the people who started this family!
My Mom: Stacy And My Dad: Larry!

The Lovely Amber, Is Number #1 In the kid line up!
She is a GREAT Sister! And She is 16!
This is me! I am Number #2!
I am 10
Ok! As you can see, Yes! I do have four brothers!
Devin is the eldest boy, and he is 9 going on 10 March 16th!
Elijah is a GREAT brother! He takes a LOT after Devin!
He is: 7
Josiah is 3rd and he is a little cuddle bug! He is : 6
Judah, he is a cute little thing! And he is 4!

Glory Anna is last in the line up! She is the most precious thing you ever laid your eyes on!
She is 16 months!

I Hope You Enjoyed This!


Anna Faith,
Here is your answer to: What Is Your Stand Of Modesty?

Well for firsts,
I believe that God deserves my modesty, and that anything God asks of me I should do it with no questions. God tells Us to be modest, so therefore, I will do it! I am VERY conservative on what I wear.
For instance, I usually do not wear my skirts above my knees. I consider that as "To Short". My thoughts may change as I get older,
But as of right now, those are my own convictions, No one has told me "Ok you are going to dress this way" or "You will dress that way". I do not think it is ok to wear clothing that draw attention to your body, so much that you can not help but to keep looking. I want to wear nice clothing, But I do not want to look like that.
My Mother will even tell people, I go beyond what they ever said about modesty. But I do not think it is wrong or it is a sin to wear pants. I do think that I should not wear skin tight pants that show every curve in my body. I am allowed to wear pants at home,But my parents ask of me to wear a skirt in public and in church. And most of the time you will find me wearing a skirt or a dress at home even though I don't have to. I would like to let you know that these are my convictions and I do not expect you to follow them. This is what I believe in my own heart. These are MY convictions not anyone else's. Some people may think I am magorly over doing it. But I beileve that this is what God whats me to do. Modesty is VERY important to me. If you would like for me to post more about this please comment. Thank You! I very much enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Survey Time!

I made a survey! Please take it! It will be VERY helpful to me!
Thank You! Survey. 

My Entry For Tane`s Drawing Contest!

Well I finnaly entered my first blog contest! Heres my entry!
And heres the link to her contest!

Bible Time! Lesson #5

Hello! And welcome to this lesson! I hope you enjoy it and come back next time! <3

The Second Day.
Genesis 1:20-23
A. On the second day,God created the____________________
to divide the waters that were under it from the waters that were above it.

(Photo taken by: Aaliyah)
B. The firmament is the space around the earth,sun,moon and stars.
God called the firmament _____________________. Today we usally call it the sea,sky,earth.

May God Bless You And Keep You Always! <3

Bible Time! Lesson #4

Hello! Sorry I haven`t posted in awile! We have been SO busy lately! So I will make it up for today!

                             In The Beginning.
The First Day,
Genesis 1:1-5

1. ``In the beginning God created the __________ and the ____________.``

2. On thr first day, God also created ____________. He did this by saying ``_____________ ____________ ____ _________________

3. God divided the light from the darkness. He called the light ________, and the darkness _____________.

May God Bless You And Keep You Always!

Tornado Warnings!

Oh How I Despise Tornado's!
Although i have never been through one, but i very,VERY much dislike them! Well Today there is a tornado warning so I may or may not get to post our Bible lesson for today! :( (Because of weather!)
So i guess we will just wait and see!

Bible Time! Lesson #3

Hello! I hope you enjoyed last weeks lesson! I know i did!
So heres lesson three! And I am Very,Very sorry that i did not post yesterday :( We (as in my family and I) Were gone all day long because we had some errands to do so there`s my explaintion!
Anyways lets get started!

                          Bible Dictionaries! (In this lesson you will need a Bible dictionary!)

1. The following words are from the chapters of Genesis that you will study in the next several lessond. Look up each word on the left. Write a phrase from the right to tell what it means!

A. Shinar  __________________                          a river
B. Euphrates ____________________                  a country
C. Firmament _____________________               the son of Seth
D. Covenant_______________________              an agreement
E. Enos      __________________________              the sky

 In Bible Times, People gave their children names that had special meanings. You can find the meanings of such names in most Bible dictionaries,right after the name. Look up the following Bible names and tell what they mean.

A. Abigail _________________________________
B. Isaac ____________________________________
C. Joshua ___________________________________
D. Peter______________________________________
E. Samuel _______________________________________
F. Noah ______________________
Sometimes you need to check the dictionary subheadings to find what you want. For example, most Bible dictionaries describe all kinds of Bible animals under a heading such as Animal,Animals or Animal Kingdom. Find the list of animals in your Bible dictionary.
Choose two that you are unfamiliar with, and briefly describe them.

Example: Coney- a rock badger.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I
  also hope you will join me next time!

Have A Very Blessed Day!

Well... Sorry to say but if no one enters the baking contest, It will have to be ended :( It is voting day and no one has entered.. :(

Thanks So Much!