We went to Fort Boonesborough today and took some pictures.
I should really be doing laundry but blogging is way more fun, ammi right?!
One of my besties (that actually lives with me on the weekends lol), Veronica, got to come with us which made it even better :)))
I am a history fanatic, and even though Daniel Boone isn't my favorite person or time period to study, it was fun. Wanna know what I bought as a souvenir?!?! A good-size replica of the Declaration of Indepence and the newspaper article reporting the Bosten Tea Party to hang on my wall. I'm not even kidding.

We matched :) She wore my dress 'cause she's basic and doesn't own black-and-white tent dresses.

And I think we got a little teensy bit slap-happy on the way home.
We stayed up late-ish last night. If you consider 1:30 am late-ish.
So we got out my laptop and played with the photo booth thingymabob.
These pictures reveal the real me.

Okay, I seriously need to do laundry now.
thanks, Abbiee, for this gif ohmygoodness you're the best.

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Hey, you all! I'm going to answer those q+a questions today!
I am going to answer the old ones first, and then the new ones.
If you want the link to the old post, here it is :)
Here we go!


warning: there may be some controversial topics in this q+a. these are my personal beliefs and convictions.


Q: What inspired you to start a blog?
A: I get asked this question so much, and honestly, it's kind of funny.
My older sister, Amber, had just started a blog, and so naturally I wanted one too! I watched her as she designed her blog (using Shabby Blogs, of course), and was just so in love with it. I never said anything about wanting to make a blog myself, because my thoughts were: What eleven-year-old has a blog? People will think it's something to laugh at. But I finally got the nerve to ask my mom if she thought it would be weird if I made one, and was totally on board with me making one! So I did. I didn't have any social media (which at the time there was no Instagram, so Facebook was the "popular" thing to have), so it was a way to post things that I wanted to update my family and few friends that read my blog. I soon made so many new friends that were ironically the same age as me, and were new to the blogging world too! It's been a great experience. A lot has changed in four years, though, haha!

Q: How did you advertise your blog to make it more popular?
A: Haha, I find this question kinda funny because I didn't think my blog was popular! But if you want to build your blogs followers count in the beginning, put yourself out there. I made so many friends, and also gained followers, by visiting others blogs. What I would do is, if I followed a blog I liked, I would click on their Blogger profile and see what blogs they followed, and check them out. I would then follow, and leave a nice comment! Now, I wouldn't just follow any blog out there just to get followers. If I follow a blog I genuinely like it. I just happened to most of the time get a follow back. New bloggers appreciate other new bloggers! Also, tags and sharing buttons. Tags are a great way to gain site views! Your blog link (if the tag rules are correct) will be shared in several different blogs if you start it! Buttons aren't as popular anymore, but when I started pretty much everyone had a button and code for you to copy and paste on your blog, if of course, you liked their blog and wanted to share! You can get a lot of traffic that way. And if you have social media, promote it there!

Q: What are some of your favorite blogs?
A: I have a page at the top of your screen that has some awesome blog links!
I also wrote a post about it awhile back that I'll link HERE!
I need to update, though, because I have recently found some really rad blogs. But that will be answered later ;)

Q: And did you do your lovely design yourself?
A: At the time this question was asked, and actually until last week, yes! I always design my blog completely on my own, but the template I have now I really loved the look, but ha homegirl ain't pro enough to do this amazingness yet, and so I am using a premade template. I haven't used a premade template since the VERY beginning of my blogging journey, so I feel really strange doing so. 

(P.S. HEY GIRL! Long time, no talk!)

Q: Whats your style?
A: Could you have asked a harder question?!
No one can pinpoint my style. Not even myself. I love graphic tees, black, grey and white, and combat boots. For that reason, and because I have a thing for a strong iced coffee, folk rock, and a flowing Instagram theme, my friends classify me as "hipster". But I also still have a little bit of girliness in me that has turned more classy, so my good friend evaluated me for awhile and told me I'm "hipster-classy", hahaha!
Clear as mud?

Q: What does modest mean for you?
A: Modesty is very important to me. For me, being modest isn't whether you wear pants or skirts. But with that being said, be modest in both! Some people think as long as you have a skirt on you are automatically modest. But I've seen some people wearing skirts that look more seductive-looking than the person beside them wearing pants. For me personally, if I wear jeans I wear a shirt that fully covers my bottom and the top of my hips, and I don't wear the jeans skin-tight. With shirts, I don't wear them tight or low-cut. Bathing suits are my worst enemy and I hate even thinking about shopping for one. I choose not to wear bikinis (ha even if I did have the stomach for it)... I usually always just end up wearing a swim shirt and shorts for swimming. It's more comfortable for me. And with shorts/dresses/skirts, my dad really likes me to wear them no shorter than above my knee, unless of course, it's a tunic-type-dress and I wear it with jeans. So yeah I think that sums up all the clothing categories. This may sound so extreme to some people, and by no means do I expect everyone to dress like me, but that's just how I feel like I should dress. God deserves your modesty, ladies! I want people to be drawn to my countenance, not certain parts of my body!

hey, girl heyyyyyyyy (haha, I love how I know all you guys)

Q: What are your thoughts on how to dress modestly?
A: Answered above :))))

Q: Do you ever read romance books? Even Christian ones?
A: Um.... Yes and no. I don't read your typical YA romances. I don't feel like it's healthy to be filling my mind with something I don't need to be! I don't need to worry about love for quite awhile. (I'll explain more in the next question) I've seen examples from adults I know personally who read them, and they are discontented with their marriage and are constantly comparing their husband to the "Prince Charming" in their book. They expect this fantasy that isn't at all reality. Not to say that no one can ever truly love you, no! Not at all, but I am careful with romance books because I don't want to be that wife who complains about how un-romantic my husband is. "But the guy in my book does this for his wife!", "Why doesn't he do _____ for me?!" You get my point? And as for Christian ones, they aren't too different anymore! I would only read a select few. But, I do enjoy some Jane Austen/Louisa May Alcott books! But they are a lot different. They were written way back when, they're clean, and not as "lovey-dovey" as ones written today. So I dunno, I guess it's just how you look at it!

Q: Thoughts on boyfriends?
A: Hey wanna know something absolutely shocking?!!? I don't date and don't plan to for a good while!
I personally feel like dating is a practice for divorce. You date this guy, then you get tired of each other, and break up. I just feel like if you could do that so easily now, won't it just get easier? But not only that, I want to be able to tell my husband that I have never loved anyone else, and he has my whole heart. Wouldn't that make him feel special?! And plus, I really don't get the point of dating at 14. I mean, what you need a boyfriend fo?! Just enjoy being young!

Q: Why do you believe wearing pants in public is wrong? (You DO believe that right?)
A: I don't know what little Aaliyah said to give this impression, but no, I don't believe it's a sin or anything LOL! I mean, I wear them *laughing emojis* But just like I said above: be modest while wearing them!


Q: Do you like reading?
A: YES! I am a major bibliophile!

Q: What is your favorite book?
I have chosen not to fangirl in this post over the books/movies I mention because we will be here awhile. BUT I WILL TOTALLY MELT WITH YOU IN THE COMMENTS ASDFGHJKL!

These are not in any particular order, but I really love:
i. October Baby by Eric Wilson
ii. The Giver by Lois Lowry
iii. Hadassah: One Night with the King by Tommy Tenney
(I got to meet Tommy when I was younger, and I completely fangirled. I was the biggest Esther-fan there so he gave me the book and movie AND SIGNED IT WAH)

Q: What is your favorite movie?
Besides all the movies to those books above, I love:
(in no order)
i. Unconditional
ii. The Book Thief
iii. Pride and Prejudice (2005 version, obvs)
But that's only scratching the surface.

Q: Do you think movies/books like Harry Potter are okay to watch/read?
A: Honestly..... No.. I don't. :-\
I don't think witchcraft is anything to play with. So many people take it way too lightly. I pray I never become sensitive towards it. I have done an in-depth study on the Illuminati's involvement in the film and music industry, and it's shocking. With all the knowledge I have, I can't sit and watch things like that. And also, considering even the trailers feel totally demonic to me, I can't imagine the movies. I know a lot of people don't see a single thing wrong with it, but I just cannot be okay with it. :( 
And some people might say: "Well J.R.R Tolkien was a Christian and there are witchcraft and wizards in Lord of the Rings!" And my reply would be: "Well... What does light have to do with darkness?
"No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other." Matthew 6:24

Q: What about the Hunger Games?
A: I haven't seen the Hunger Games, and honestly don't know much about it, so I can't answer this properly. The only thing I know is that the teenagers do this thing where they fight to the death..? I dunno, my mom said she'd check it out first. 


Q: Do you always wear skirts?
A: This was kinda answered in Sara Jayne's question.. My dad really likes for me to wear skirts, so I try to as much as possible.

Q: What is our biggest spiritual struggle?
A: I can't answer this for everyone, but something I struggle with a lot is setting aside time for God.
I find that it's a lot easier to do this either at night or early morning, depending on what you like. I'm a night owl, so me-time is always at night. So I have recently set aside time every night to pray and read my Bible. I have a big family, so it's so hard for me to do this any other time. So I feel like that's a major struggle. Setting aside the time to give your complete and undivided attention to God. :)


Q: What sorts of animals does your farm include?
A: We have a horse, around fifteen chickens, two dogs, and around ten meat cows! We hope to get a milk cow soon. We also have two beehives. :)

Q: Where do you live?
A: I live in southern Kentucky!

Q: How many siblings do you have?
A: I have soon-to-be eight siblings! All together there's four boys and my mom is pregnant with the fifth girl!

Q: What's your favorite animal?
A: I'm not a huge fan of animals, to be honest. I probably just lost 99% of my followers, lol. I think babies of any kind is adorable, though!

Q: Who are some of your favorite new bloggers?
(not sure if you mean new as in new to the blogging world, or new to me, so I'll answer this both ways!)
A: Well obviously you, dear Ava! I love your blog! Welcome to the blogging world. :) It's a wonderful--and crazy--adventure!
But I recently followed:
i. haley jane | homeward bound (I've followed Haley on Instagram for ages now, but just recently found out she has a blog!)

Q: If you could have lived in another time period, what would it be?
A: Wow. Hard question. I love the early 1900's. (think Downton Abbey), but I also really love the 1950's/1960's. (I mean, can we just take a second to acknowledge the fashion and dances?! My recent sock hop experience was a dream for me.) And I also love the 1800s (theee dannnccceeessss innn Prriddee andddddd Prejjjjuuudddiicceeeee ooohhhmyyyyggggoooddnessssss). SO many choices. Ugh! Every one of these choices I'm considering is because of the fashion or dances. No lie. But I think I would love to visit every era and see what it was like. But you can't possibly make me choose between those three. I'd have to play eeny-miny-moe or something.

hehe heyyyy

Q: If you could have one fictional creature, what would it be?
Yes. Unicorn. So original, I know, but I mean... Unicorns.... I'm so happy Apple finally made a unicorn emoji. I use it way too much. IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!

ohmygoodness hiiiiii 

Q: Your top three favorite Switchfoot songs, obviously.
A: ABBIEE. YOU KNOW HOW HARD THIS IS SO WHY MUST YOU! At least ya gave me three options; thanks, man. I thought about including some Jon Foreman songs but it would be easier to just stick to one 'cause they BOTH SO GREAT! THESE ARE IN ABSOLUTELY NO ORDER. 
i. This is hard already. Um... Okay, Liberty. The lyrics are just amazing. asdfghjkl
ii. Oh man... ABBIEEEEEEEE, WHY?! Okay.... Love Alone is Worth the Fight.
iii. *screams and wails for all eternity* Too many choices. I do love Let it Out, though.

Q: Dream job?
A: I have several interests I would love to pursue.
So I'm going to give a list of future things that I am seriously considering going to college for, and things I want to do more soon. (Soon, as in like when I'm old enough to get a job, or even if I decide not to go to college. Future, as in serious professions that would take a ton of education.) 

i. Graphic designing. I am such a secret techy nerd. I love designing so much. HTML, CSS, headers, they all give life to my bonneeesss. I love it. It's also something I could do at home, cause I plan to be a momma someday. ;)
ii. Music. This isn't something that would necessarily take a lot of "education" depending on what I'm doing, but it's something more intense than the things below, LOL.
I'm not sure what exactly, but music is so important to me. It's always been a huge part of my life, and something that I have not only always loved, but I love it more every day. One of my recent, but major goals in my life is to learn to play as many instruments as I can get my hands on. I picked up two this year--and surprisingly quickly--, so I feel like I'm going strong ;)

i. Coffee shop. Yes. Maybe this gives me another excuse to call myself "hipster", but I would seriously stinkin' love to work at a little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop. #pleasecaniyesokaythxbye
ii. My local pregnancy crisis center. I am an extreme pro-life advocate. I volunteer there whenever I can, but I would love to actually work there every day. I have to be eighteen, though. *cries* If I do work there, I would be ecstatic to work at anything, but I would especially love to be an ultrasound technician (which I'd have to take some classes for), or work at the front desk. Weird, I know, but a secretary job sounds so appealing to me. #seefriendsitoldyoubeingorganizedandcleanwouldgetmeplaces
iii. Library. I just feel like being surrounded by books every day would fill me with so much joy and totally just send me through the roof with happiness. I dunno.  I COULD RUN MY FINGERS ACROSS THE SPINES OF THE BOOKS AND SMELL THEM EVERY SINGLE DAY WUT THIS IS MAJESTIC!

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world for a month, where would you go?
A: If you had asked me this when I was 10, I would have immediately said, "PARRRIISSSSSSSS!!!" I was high-key in love with Paris for like several years of my childhood. But Israel is an absolute dream for me. I would hate to be away from home for so long, but hands down ISRAEL. plz and thx. I want to walk in the footsteps of my Lord, see his tomb, and sail on the Sea of Galilee.

Q: Favorite season of Downton Abbey??
A: This is hard for me to answer because I'm only at the end of season three. The reason being, I jumped on the bandwagon late, and I have had no way to watch it since my mom cancelled our Netflix DVD membership, and our Amazon Prime membership ran out and we never paid it back. *cries*
Season three is prettyyyyy good, though. It's the first t.v. show that has made me cry, so that says something.
Update (2.24.16): I watched Matthews death last night. I cannot. I just.... I thought I was prepared, but no. Not at all. My mental state caused by British shows is even worse now. I shall be okay perhaps.
"But this season is still quite AMAZINNGGGG", I say as I wipe away my tears.

Q: What's the best thing about having a bunch of siblings?
A: Wow. Having a bunch of siblings is really an interesting thing. I truly have a big family, and I don't realize it until I see people staring at me as I walk through Walmart mid-day on a weekday. Every time we go to town my mom and I say this to each other: "Ever get the feeling you're getting stared at?" and then the other replies: "Every day." I guess one of the best things is always having a baby around. There's never been a time in my life where that hasn't been a baby or toddler in my house. I LOVE BABIES. And there's always something going on. There is literally never a dull moment here. I mean, my family consists of eleven people!


Q: What is your dream horse breed?
A: Do unicorns count? If so, then that's settled. But for like an actual non-fantasy breed, I think Shetland ponies are addoorrrraaabbbllleeeeee.

Thank you all so much for the questions!
If you didn't get the chance to ask one, or even want to ask more, feel free to keep the q+a going!
A xx

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Hey, y'all! The ever so lovely Ava has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award!
Thank you so much; I'm thrilled.
If you don't already follow her blog, you totally should because she's fabulous and she's doing a better job at blogging than I am and I've been blogging for four years. #nolie #itsthetruth
go follow Ava, okay? okay.

(You did an awesome job on the picture, Ava!)

i. Thank the person who nominated you and insert a link to their blog.
ii. Share five facts about yourself.
iii. Nominate a list of 10-15 bloggers, add their links, and notify them.
iv. Include these rules in your post. 

i. I have a really bad habit of biting my nails. 
ii. I am learning Greek and Hebrew as my foreign language for high school.
iii. I am extremely fascinated with history.
iv. I've only seen the Anne of Green Gables movies once, but when I did watch them, I watched them back-to-back.
v. I've never been a morning person. Kinda wish I was. But then again, night is so great.

 JacyRaynAbbieeAliviaTaneBecca, Kianna, and Kathryn!
(I am aware I didn't nominate 10-15, but oh well.)

That's all for the award! 
P.S. I will be posting the Q+A answers either tomorrow or Monday. If you haven't had the chance to ask some questions, I will insert the link HERE!

fiat lux,
aaliyah xx


I think introverts know this better than anyone, but "me-time" is a very treasured part of the day.
So here's five ways I like to chill out at the end of the day!

p.s. Q&A answers coming very soon! I'm giving a little more time to ask questions :)

Okay, the secret's out, has been for awhile, I'm a music fanatic.
Whether it's in the car, in my room, and if I could still concentrate and not be tempted to belt it and tap my pencil to the beat, you can bet your bottom dollar I would listen to my favorite tunes while doing algebra. ;)
But, I also use it to wind down at the end of the day.
So put on a record. Break out your CD's. Play a playlist on Spotify.
Sit back, relax, and let it fill you!

Let's be real for a sec.
I sleep in the same room with my two little sisters, and the 2-year-old sleeps in my bed with me (which I LOVE), and it's a fairly shallow bunk-bed, so I can't necessarily sit and do things on my bed without waking them up!
So what I do is, I grab several pillows, some blankets, grab a candle and light it, grab some tea, and make me a cozy little spot on my floor!
Now for most, your bed works, but even still, I use this idea practically every night!

My friends and family think I'm crazy, but I hardly ever have my main (? don't know what else to call it, haha) light on.
I am rarely in my room unless it's at night, so I always just only have a lamp turned on.
Dim lights calm me.
I feel like it makes the room feel more cozy and inviting and ready to relax in!
Maybe it's just me, but this is a major thing that has to be done in my relaxing space!

Journaling is always an essential thing for me to do at night.
I love it. Whether my prayer journal or my personal one, it always relaxes me :)
And reading is literally amazing. I am a major bibliophile. It's so great. WAH.

I have recently set a goal for myself to devote myself to prayer every night.
I guess you could call it a New Years resolution, but I didn't mean for it to be.
Not just "spit-prayers" as my dad calls it. I mean actual prayer.
So turn on some worship music and have a good conversation with the One who holds the very world in His hands. :)

So, I'll leave it to Lady Mary to bid farewell:

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So there was once a q&a in 2013, and 12-year-old Aaliyah never finished it.
I was looking back on that post and I thought, Hey. Why don't we do this again?!

Update: I will also be answering the leftover questions from 2013.
They may be outdated, but hey.

So simple instructions:
i. comment down below any question you have about any topic.
ii. I will read them.
iii. I will answer them. 
iv. I will post them.
v. then you shall read them.

thank you, Abbiee, for awakening my love of GIFS. you deserve a unicorn and every
Switchfoot CD ever made if you don't already have them k?

Like I said. Simple.
So enjoy that, and ask away! 
This is your chance to ask me anything you want to know about me!

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Lake Cumberland is literally in my backyard. You walk to the end of the field on our farm, and then there's a path that leads you to it in about three minutes time.
I remember being so astonished learning about our lake in my Kentucky history book as a kid, and trying to fathom that people come from all over to see it when my family walks to it almost every day to swim in it during the summer!

We are good friends with a family of sixteen (Yes, you thought I had a lot of siblings. NOPE!) that we met when my dad was doing some construction work on a hotel in Columbia that they partially owned. We stayed in a hotel room for an entire summer, but getting to see this family every day made it so much fun and we got really close in that time period. We left the hotel in the fall of 2013 and didn't see them again until really late fall (almost winter, actually) of 2015.
They came to our house for the first time the other day, and I took them on a tour of our farm and lastly, the lake!

By the time we got there the sun was starting to set, and it was gorgeous.
The sun glared on the water and it sparkled like glitter.
And for the first time in many years I jumped across the rocks that I used to love to play on growing up.
The once baby-blue shade of the sky slowly turned into a navy, with a splash of orange at the horizon.
I stared out into the water and felt so small. Almost even a strange sadness. Maybe it was just overwhelming because I'm not sure why I would feel like that when I was actually really happy.
Same feeling when we went to Cumberland Falls this autumn.
I walked around and felt kind of down at first and I couldn't figure out why. I think it's because my God is so great, and I am so small, and it puts me in a "reality-check", but I like it.
It gives me peace knowing that my God, MY God, is bigger than anything and He fights for me.

Sometimes when I see such miraculous things I feel so incredibly tiny, but it gives me a slight glimpse of how big God is. Whether it's viewing my beautiful Lake Cumberland, seeing a baby be born (honestly, babies are such miracles to me. I almost sob when I see even an ultrasound, and a birth is just a flood tsunami of emotions haha!), or simply looking up and seeing what color God decided to make the sky that day. It's a really awesome feeling.

The sun was setting quickly so we headed back into the wood to get back on our path.
In the forest, it felt like fall, but when we got out there was still snow.
We threw snowballs and laughed on our backs in the white powder till our cheeks were sore.
It was a great evening.

Not sure where I'm going with this mini-rant, but it just started flowing unexpectedly... 
Maybe you'll enjoy my crazy rants anyhow.


So here's some pictures of our little adventure :)

Wooo for our first selfie together!
Kaitlyn is taking the picture, directly behind her is Hannah, and then there's Lisabeth, and I'm in the back!

Messy hair, and laughter.
These rocks filled me with so many memories.
They were so much bigger when I was younger, though...
Crazy how things get smaller to you when you grow up.

Hannah and I enjoying our stunner-of-a-view.

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Well guys.
The reason I am emotionally unstable (lol).
British television. Downton Abbey in particular. ;)
I jumped on the band-wagon a little late, so I'm only on season three, but hey. I can enjoy it longer than the rest of you haha! 
I haven't gotten to the episode of Matthew's death, but I do know he dies.
He is my favorite character and I think I might cry because my friends told me it's extremely sad.
So here's some GIFs cause they are fab.

Can they get any cuter? Matthew and Mary are literally my favorite couple in all the British shows I've seen.
For sure.

The glorious moment Mary finally said, "Yes!"
"No, you have to do it the proper way. Get down on one knee!" {paraphrase}
Was I the only one who was strangely... happy (?) when Lavinia died?
She was so sweet and stuff but... Sorry, Lavinia. You've gotta go. She was in the way!

Oh, Maggie Smith.
She plays her role fabulously and she's one of my favorite characters.
I find myself repeating this line often hehe.

same granny, same.

Mary's sass though *laughing emojis*

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As you can tell from the title, I am going to be sharing 50 facts you may or may not know about me!
I'm not too interesting or anything so this might take me several days to do! Haha, I'll update you on that. ;)
So lets go! 

update: this took two days.
1. I am an INFJ if you're into personality types. Read that link and you'll learn a lot about me haha.
2. When I was younger (and even up until about two years ago) I was the girliest person alive. I still have a slight touch, but not NEAR as much as before. Comfy band t-shirts and combat boots please. 
3. Give me chocolate almond milk and I will hug you. Or this Promised Land chocolate milk.
4. I love all things musical. I currently play three instruments (piano, guitar and ukulele), although I don't claim to be good at any of them, and you can very often find me humming or banging on the table to the tune in my head. And then my mom tells me to stop banging on the table. "But mom, it's music!"
5. I would love to be able to draw well. Art is something I want so badly to be good at. Also to write beautiful poetry. I especially envy you, Tane. LOL
6. I have never moved except for once when I was two and my parents got married. But, of course, I don't remember it, so I don't think it even counts. #farmgirlsinceday1
7. I love being complimented, but feel awkward when said to my face. What do I even say?!
8. I am a historical freak. Some of my biggest dreams involve visiting the Anne Frank House, the Rotunda of National Archives Building, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
(which I am finally almost old enough to visit. Parents, if you're reading this, I want to do this for my birthday k?)
When I visited the Titanic Museum in Gatlinburg, TN a couple years back I think I almost faited.
9. I only tried my first Girl Scout cookie just two years ago.
10. Stepping onto fresh, untouched snow makes me actually really, really sad. Like not even playing.
11. With #10 being said, I'm really sentimental about really small things that most people don't care about.
12. I hate math with every stitch of my being. I would actually enjoy school if math didn't exist. Learning is fun! Until math comes along. *And then satan put the alphabet in math*
13. I was a really strange kid. I didn't realize it until I was older because my family never told me how weird I actually was. I went through so many obsessive stages of just really odd stuff. And I was just strange in general. It would take me way too long to say how. But for example: I once had an obsession with cupcakes. I made 16 dozen cupcakes in one day before. Then it was crafts. I wish I could have all the money I spent on stickers and scrapbook paper. Also, notebooks. I still am kinda in that stage. I have an extreme thing for a leather journal and a really good black pen.
14. I've never had a love for animals really. Like I notice they exist, but like I don't go crazy or anything. Unless it's a baby of any kind, or a Basset Hound of course. ;)
15. I am a devout pro-lifer. I cry if I think about it too long, and I love volunteering at our local pregnancy crisis center. But it also makes me cry being there.
16. I collect Peace Tea cans. I had every one of them but like two, and then they got mysteriously thrown out. *faceplam*
17. Baby bellies fill me with joy. Luckily, I can look at my mom's six-months-along belly everyday!!
18. My biggest fear is what could happen. Every single thing I do I play the game of lets-see-how-many-things-I-can-think-of-that-could-possibly-go-wrong! I cried a couple times at Dollywood. And scream-prayed for God to save me and keep me safe for all the riders to hear.
19. My favorite chocolates are the Lindt Lindor Truffles of any kind. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.
20. I waited 9 1/2 years before I finally got a baby sister. God just decided to give me four brothers first. ;)
21. When I was younger, For about three or four years I had an EXTREME obsession with Mr. Abe Lincoln for no reason at all. I had a picture framed of him, and a collectible knife with his face on it which I still have.
22. Continuing with my people obsessions, I also -- at the same time-- had one with Johnny Cash. Oh, and Dolly Parton. (I seen her in person last year so my childhood dream was finally fulfilled. Late, but fulfilled.) Again, no reason at all. Funny thing is, now I despise country music, but I still know 99% of the words to Ring of Fire and Jolene. ;)
23: Bread is probably my favorite food. LOL! Prettty much. Hawaiian bread. Potato bread. Garlic naan. It tastes and smells so good. Oh yasss.
24. I'm convinced I could watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens a million times over. #teamlightside
25. Speaking of Star Wars, my favorite character is and always will be Han Solo.
26. I want to go to Israel so bad it's not even funny. I would gladly push aside my fear of planes to go.
27. I plan (and have been for years) on naming my first girl Hadassah. I just pray my husband likes it. I have forbidden my parents to use it, although they really want too haha!
28. I don't have Facebook, and have no desire for one. When I was younger, Facebook was like amazing to me, but now.. No. Just give me Instagram and my blog and I'm happy. I just realized how hipster that sounded. Whoops.
29. I only like texting on iMessage. Texting apps, Skype, Kik, etc. annoy me. I want all my messages in one easy place. I guess my need for organization comes out in texting too? iMessage is bae. *laughing emojis*
30. This is taking so much time and thought.
31. It came to my realization the other day that I have bought the RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG. album by For King and Country three times, in three different forms. MP3, CD, and Vinyl.
32. My favorite oldie shows are: The Cosby Show (#1 fave), and Full House (highkey freaking out over Fuller House).
33. My favorite color is blue. Preferably turquoise or indigo. Mint is also a favorite.
34. I mentioned above my fear of planes (it's actually an extreme fear). But I've never been on a plane before. #IthinkLOSTistoblame. I'm convinced though, if/when I do, I will literally hyperventilate.
35. When I was little I wanted to be Kit Kittredge, the American Girl. I chopped my hair off like hers, and I got a Basset Hound pup and named it Grace.
36. I taught myself to read at four, and when I was in 7th grade I tested 12th grade level in spelling so my mom hasn't made me do it since haha! But I want too. So I'll do it this year. I like spelling.
*disclaimer: this is not to brag about myself AT ALL. It's not that impressive.*
37. I'm kinda a clean freak, but not extremely. I just cannot function fully if the house is a mess. It makes me feel sloppy. And I can't possibly sleep if my room is messy.
38. I have a "inspiration wall" of sorts that covers 99.9% of my wall. (99.9% is literally an accurate description.) It's full of quotes and hip pictures. The other 1% is all my Polaroids and my calendar.
39. Most the time if I am texting someone and I'm laughing I am usually laughing at MY jokes. I laugh at my own jokes wayyyyyy too much.
40. I saved my birthday money for over seven months before I finally spent it--even though it about killed me to do so. I am an extreme money saver. If I buy something, you know I've been thinking about it for a really long time. I think my record player was a good investment though ;)
41. My brother just came in and informed me that one of the roosters that has been missing was killed by the other rooster, and they just found it. #farmlifeguys
42. I can drive a tractor, but I can't (and am kinda too scared to. Again with what could happen) successfully drive a car.
43. The first time I read Alice in Wonderland when I was about nine, it actually scared me.
44. Matthew Crawley is my FAVORITE Downton Abbey character. #whyhehavetodiethough #cries
45. I am a firm believer that maxi skirts are heaven-sent.
46. The majority of my dreams are either: 1. Someone trying to kill me, or 2. My parents forcing me to marry someone I don't love or know. Weird, I know. The first happens WAY more though.
47. I had naturally curly hair once. Until the lady at the salon who was told to just give the four-year-old a trim decided to chop it off to my ears. My mom cried.
48. I love the library. Being surrounded by books fills me with so much joy. I want to work there too. #dreamworkplace
49. I've started so many novels and never finished them, and then I eventually gave up.
50. My little sister has the bag of Doritos (extreme rarity in our house) and I think I shall go steal some.

That's 50 unnecessary facts about me!
Aaliyah xx



sorry I just get really lowkey highkey excited about new music!
Especially when it's my style and Christian. Oh yas.
I just recently discovered The Dust of Men by watching Catching Faith actually.
There were two of their songs playing in the movie and I was thinking, "Wow, I LOVE this sound!"
And so I looked up the soundtrack. Boom. New-found love.
They aren't a very popular band; in fact, they don't even have a physical album, but you can buy their MP3 version, so it's all good. ;)

So today I am going to introduce you to this "five-piece, gritty, southern influenced, alt rock" Christian band!
Their sound has been described as being "built on an aggressive foundation of alternitive rock, framed in with folk, and roofed with revival music."

Constant Thread by The Dust of Men

"Awaken my soul to the beat of Your heart
To the beat of Your heart
Keep pullin' me close to where You are
Where you are"

Children Come Running by The Dust of Men
(personal favorite)

And lastly the albums namesake:

What the Morning Shows by The Dust of Men

I strongly advise you to listen to these songs and well.. Really, the whole album is so good.
I love it :)

beaucoup d'amour,
aaliyah xx