HOLA!!! (jk I don't speak Spanish) HOWWER Y'ALL?! (that's better) The first thing I want to say is that the response I got from my last post... I have no words. I almost wrote a second post just to thank you all but I just can't find the words to say, lol! I responded to them all individually so go check that out and cry with me :') 

But moving on to today's post! Julia from The Barefoot Gal and Grace Anne from Totally Graced nominated me for the Liebster Award, like, forever ago and I am just now remembering this draft :') So here it is!! I apologize for the fact that this took so long, lolololz

And I'm going to follow suit as well and not include the rules, MWHAHAHA! LET'S GET THESE QUESTIONS ANSWERED! 

Also, I'm just telling you all right now I didn't even pay attention to grammar so I am sorry but yeah *laughing emojis*  I JUST WROTE THE POST, OKAY?? (and what even is this format idk)

Um.. Probably nothing lol *laughing emojis* I'd either hand it back or keep holding it. DEPENDS ON IF I LIKE IT OR NOT IDK I'M NOT AN ANIMAL PERSON. *gets shunned by all my followers*

LOL DEFFFFFFFINITELY BE SNOWED IN THE LOG CABIN. I'll camp out for like one night and then I want my bed lolololol

UHHH.. Probably "dude" or "like" hahaha

Let's just suppose all my friends and family had to move with me, okay? Um... My "crazy" option would be Ireland, probably. Because I'm very much Irish and I just think it looks beautiful and lovely. I was going to say Israel but A.) war B.) heat I cannot handle, lol! But in the US.... Eh, I dunno.. MAYBE WASHINGTON, DC SO I CAN VISIT ALL THE HISTORICAL PLACES ON A REGULAR BASIS! But I also like Grace Anne's answer. "ten minutes away from where I am now?"
Yeah, I love Grace Anne's answer. I'd only want to move super far away if everyone I love could come too :')

lol @ u Julia bc haha all I can think about is our CRAZY secret-spilling chat the other night. Let's just say we know Olivia, Rachel, and Grace Anne better. BAHAHAHHAHAA.

So I have several group chats. I will name them now lol

1// aesthetic baegels (Abbie, Grace Anne, Rachel, Kate, Olivia, and Mary Shelley)
2// consider the goats (JacyRayn and my friends Veronica and Alivia)
3// BURNING YOUTH (every contributor of BURNING YOUTH blog that has an IG)
4// ^LIFT (basically another BY chat)
5//  the squad (Julia, Abbie, Grace Anne, Rachel, Kate, and Olivia)
6// THE ROOFTOPS PROJECT (JacyRayn, Kendra, and TJ)
7// unashamed fangirls (Abbie and Kate)
8// cooler than cool (Abbie, Kate, and JacyRayn)
9// the kidnappers (three of my friends Holly, Sierra, and Makayla)
10// #jessjenrach (JacyRayn and Veronica)
11// science rules (Holly and Kayla)

AND SHEW THAT'S IT!!! I only actively use the first seven, though. No, I am not going to include a snippet from all of these *laughing emojis* But I will include the topic from the most recent chat, "aesthetic baegels"

we are now talking about how Grace Anne and I are both Lizzie Bennet.
how very interesting, I know. ;) 

Eh, I was gonna say chicken pox all the way because when I was younger and I got poison ivy it was always EXTREMELY bad but now I don't get it bad at all. So probably poison ivy because chicken pox would be worse for me.

I mean I almost cried the other night when I sang in front of my church??? So maybe that's what I do??? lol. Or if it's meeting a new person I'll say really awkward things. I breathe deeply. And I noticed lately that I wring my hands? I'm just always doing something with my hands idek.

Ehh. Yeah..? Ish?? It never has any sort of rhythm. More like random thoughts written in an eloquent way (or at least I try to make it eloquent but I actually fail). But I decided I'll include some links because I kinda just gave my poetry journal away to a certain friend...? hehe SO HERE:
read dis // dis // and dis if you want

Hmmm... Hmmmmmm... HHMMMMMM....
Sunday morning service because uhh hello JESUS. Possibly seeing a friend later this evening. Definitely having another friend come over today until Tuesday (honestly the only good thing that's come out of Election Day is that she can come spend four days with me :')). And I'm sure I'm forgetting something else I'm excited about.

OKAY. That's the end of Julia's questions, now on to Grace's!

White and pink. Probably the only pink thing I use daily.

My shoulders have a mind of their own, okay? There are some songs my shoulders just love. I have a shoulder move for like every beat for the majority of "Looking For America" by Switchfoot, for instance. So yeah, my shoulders can dance but that's about it. I think I sent a video to Jacy of me dancing in the kitchen while making tea so maybe ask her how I dance. *eyes very wide*
So probably like this:

Uh..... Uh.... Uhhhh.... Hopefully, it has to do with music? Idk. I'm an INFJ, I don't like the idea of being famous, you feel? But just like Grace Anne, I'd probably end up being famous for something stupid, lol

Uh, idk??? "vote for me and you will get buffalo dip every day" ????

Seeing as my dad is bald, you would think I would know. Buttttt I don't. I assume shampoo..?

This is a super hard question for me because there are just too many musicians to choose from. However, the first person that came to mind was Jon Foreman (I actually screamed this in my head). I WOULD LITERALLY WANT TO CRY IF I MET JON FOREMAN. Or Bear Reinhart or Jordan from Blimey Cow would make my life as well. Hmmm... Probably still Jon, though!! But I actually hate selfies and I'm an introvert so hopefully, he would offer first *laughing emojis* 

Seeing how many carbs you can eat in a day is a sport, right?

"I'm certain you've heard it before" (and I feel like you all would appreciate knowing that I have Siri's voice set to a British accent) (yes) (you're welcome)

Welp. I thought I had my answer but then Grace Anne said this, 
"But then if you were invisible you could listen to any conversation you wanted and like you could get into shows and concerts and travel and stuff like that for FREE."
LIKE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ANSWER THIS NOW??? FREE CONCERTS???? I'd still probably have to choose the ability to read minds. I always am so scared of what people think of me and most likely it's not as bad as I think but I don't have proof so therefore I always live in fear do you see how this is a problem for me???? But then again... Would you really want to be able to read people's minds sometimes..? I REALLY DON'T KNOW OKAY.

HAHAHHAA!! I GOT THE SAME ANSWER AS GRACE ANNE :') I've taken so many Pride and Prejudice quizzes and I've gotten Elizabeth every time. Except for once, I got Jane (which I think I am both, actually). So yeah, I got Elizabeth Bennet.
"You are as admirable as you are stubborn. Even in the face of great adversity, you never comprise your morals and you firmly believe in marrying for love rather than for security. At times, you can be quite difficult to please, but that's simply because you're a richly complex and intelligent person. Plus, your sense of humor is positively delightful as are your dancing skills." 

OKAY SO YEAH THAT'S THE END OF THIS POST.  I hope you enjoyed reading my answers :')