baby`s gender reveal!

hey all! today, I will share the gender of my new baby brother or sister!
Yes, in this photo, you can see that I rooted for a boy! Hahaha

What do you think it is?

(a) Boy

(b) Girl

 (c) Both!

please say what you thought in a comment after this post! (just for fun)

And the baby is.........................

Yep! Now we will be even! 4 boys, 4 girls!




-finding out the gender of the baby! (post later!)

-a restaurant called: Red Lobster. yummolicious.

- (conversation held at Chinese Buffet) *me* "hey, you! Elijah!" *elijah (9yrs)* "what?" *me* "do I have ice cream on my face?" *elijah* "no. all I see is beautifulness"  (how cute is that?)

-my sweet daddy`s burf-dee is today! (birthday, said in my language.)

-the 'Monsters University' movie coming out! (yep. I still love the movie.)

Awkkkwardddd.. (yep. you know the voice to this title.)

-seeing a guy and a lady in Wally-World (again,Walmart said in my language) wearing a HOT pink shirt saying: "Don`t laugh at my girlfriends shirt."

-burning butter. not just 'burning' it, I mean burning it till it turns black. now that's talent.

-not air conditioning in your 15 passenger van. wow. it gets hot in there!

-not knowing what to say in my post now....


sometimes you just need a smaller broom....

the title of this post, may surprise you. it surprised me for sure, when i thought of writing this post.
let me explain:

today. today i was cleaning the bathroom. of all moments, and places to think up a post. yes... the bathroom!
i was done wiping every thing down, when i went to get a broom, and then mop.
we have three brooms. a very small one, that comes about four inches above my knees, a regular sized, and a over sized, as tall as me, large one. I reached for the largest one, because obviously, you think the bigger one will get the job done a little better, right? as i was reaching for the largest broom, i realized.
i realized that the smallest one would get into the corners, and cervices, much easier than the largest one.
by now, you are probably thinking, "okay, why is she talking about brooms?". again, let me explain.

sometimes, (myself included!) feel that older people, or the bigger broom, for instance, can do more, or get the job done a little better. my parents always tell us kids, "you have a better chance to spread Christ to others, than we do. Because often adults listen to children far more than adults."  So just like the smallest broom, us smaller ones, can get into those corners, and cervices a little bit better :) Don`t be put down cause your small.
"Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

Moral of the story: Just cause your small, or smaller, dosen`t make you less, in certain ways.

overdue // a contest

hey there!
I am not sure why i am posting anything today.. I guess i just felt like it.
overdue. everything.
my posts are long overdue
my vlog is overdue (should be posted by saturday)
even my library books are close to 3 months overdue! That`s normal for our family of 9 :)
Mannnnnnn.... i need help. Hahahaa
So! I officially and truly apologize for every bit of my overdue problems. 


  Alrighty! I have decided that we should have a contest! A baking contest!

To Enter:
1. First, decide what you want to bake. Anything. Even cookies will do.
2. Then fix your dish up real nice, snap some pics, ya know, all that good stuff.
3. Send you entry`s to my email.
4. Your entrys must be in by June 29th.
5. Voting starts August 1.
6. Winner will be announced August 17th. 

1. There is no age limits. 
2. You have to either have a email, or blog, so that I can get your photos, and stay in contact with you.
3. You have to post about this on your blog, also with a link to this post, and you can also add the contest button above to your blog.
4. Have fun!

Winner will receive:
1.A button saying you won my contest.
2. A card of your choice from my etsy shop.

Please Enter! And also, give your advice on a possible monthly newsletter?


reading list...

hello all! I wanted to share with you, all the books I have read in 2013!

"Bible" - It`s an awesome book, filled with truth,wisdom,and a guide to being a Christian! lol

"The Diary of Anne Frank" - This was the second time I read it, and I still LOVED it just the same!

"A Love that Multiples (19 Kids and Counting: 2nd book) - Awesome! I loved this book so much!

"Stepping Heavenward" - AMAZING! Ahhhh! realllyyyyyy good book!

"October Baby" - Ohhh.. How do I even put this into words. It was.. just... great! I think I liked it better than the movie! It is so detailed, (I recommend to watch the movie first.) so you understand the movie so much better. AWESOME book! It is fifty chapters, and I finished it in two days. That's how good it was.


Check out this shop!

Hey all! I was hoping that you all would check out my lovely friend, Anna`s, shop!
I bought a owl necklace from her, and it was stunning! I wear it alot now, and won`t hardly take it off! She has really cheap prices, and great quality!
Here is the link: Handmade by Anna Faith

capture the memories... // a dare.

capture the memories.
I chose that as my title, because, most the memories I have, I have captured.
I love stealing people, and then shooting them with my Canon. (don`t worry, it`s just a camera!)
life is a beautiful thing. memories, is what lasts. not the clothes you had, not the things that people did to you that hurt you. so go ahead, click that capture button. I dare you.
go outside, and take some photos, or take some with your family. if the don`t, beg them on your hands and knees if you have to! hahahaa!
I love the so many memories. and the camera I use to capture them.
my dare is this:
capture your memories, post them to your blog, and post a link to my blog, and tell your followers, that you are part of my "capture the memories" challenge, and do one post every week, for a month.
I will do the exact same. I darreeee you! I double dog dare you!

Getting to Know Me: Q+A Vlog Video!

Hey to all of my wonderful-amazing-still sticking to my blog-even though I have been a terrible blogger- followers!

Anyways, sorry for the super-duper-oh don`t get me started- "Hello" lol
Today, I have the results of this weeks video!
We are going to do these videos over the next couple of weeks, by title.
Example: Week 1: Religion and Beliefs. Week 2: Fashion Week 3: (etc)
So today our topic is "Religion and Beliefs" !

Heres your video, and please comment on how well I answered your questions, and also more questions for next week!