Savings, Savings!

Hello! So guess what! I can`t believe it! Okay so here is the story:

                             The Camera Story
                            By: Aaliyah Meece

So one day my camera broke, and I was so upset and wanted a new one imeditly! But as everyone that knows me, I am always broke.
(Inless of course, if there is a camera besides disposable for $20?)
So then, I got a job! Babysitting twice a week! (12 hours with very entergitic and sweet kids) So I decided to start saving up for a Canon Rebel EOS! And I can purchase it at the beginning of Febuary! Yayyyy!

                                        The End..

So how did you like the story? Yeahhhhhh... Anyways..
Excited! Ekkkk!




  1. That's cool, congrats and good luck with the babysitting job. :)

  2. AWESOME! That is so great you can get a really good camera.


  3. I rewarded you with a I AM A WRITER blog reward:) come check it out on my main blog, please:)


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