I'ts been awhile. Shew, life has been crazy!! But we aren't here today to talk about what a terrible blogger I have been.

I am turning 16 in like, two more days.

*throws confetti* *eats cake 'til I'm sick* 
So in honor of this "milestone" I made a little video to recap my 15th year! I literally JUST made this video and I didn't even plan it, so there is no pretty thumbnail, or an aesthetically pleasing blog post to go with it! XD Unexpected vlogs are the best, right?!?! Yes. Thought so. ;)

Here's to celebrating another year of life and the God who gave it to me. He never ceases to amaze me. 💗


  1. I just began following your blog and I don't know if I have ever been so glad I followed a blog before. Your words in this video were just what I need to hear today. Honestly, I actually started tearing up.
    I struggle with depression and it was so good to hear someone talk about their deliverance from it. It's good to know that there is an ending to this dark tunnel. Your words are beautiful.
    I love your joy on this blog. I hope you never stop blogging! Your outlook on the world and Jesus is so so inspiring. The quirky way you write is flawless. :)
    Your blog is a gem! Rock on, girlfriend. <3 <3

    lavender & blue

  2. you're so raw and real and I love this video and HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN *hugs you*

  3. Well, happy birthday!! I hope sixteen is a great year for you. :)

    (Also, you aren't a terrible blogger. I'm glad that's not open for discussion. ;)

  4. Crying.

    I know that I'm insanely late in watching this but oh my goodness gracious, I am so proud of you Aaliyah Meece. I love you.

  5. Happy birthday (a little late)!! Enjoy being 16!

  6. You are a beautiful and wise sixteen-year-old, and I'm proud to call you my friend, Ali.


  7. You are awesome and amazing. Your voice is truly annointed with the holy spirit!!

  8. Dude. I just now saw this post.

    I am stealing your idea and doing this for my 18th next year.

    Also, you are the coolest and I love you a lot <3!!!!

  9. I have only seen this until now! AHA. WHY. ME. I m so glad you are doing well and were excited about 16.. well kinda. You need to update us on your life soon! <3


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