a journal entry.


I have been learning to trust God in every situation.
wither its, driving on icy roads, or giving Him control of my future. \
Its not easy, and simple, yet you have such peace when you know the creator of the universe
is guiding you. And sometimes your free-will takes over and you make hasty decisions.
Strive not to. Work on it. Pray.
Its not easy by any means, to give God your future. At all. He may have plans for you, that you
may not necessarily like, or He may have something planned that you never thought or dreamed of.
But whom other hands would you rather it be in?
He created for Him. To bring glory to Him.  NOT for us or bring glory to us.
Its easy to turn away from Gods plan, follow the crowd, because the World may seem "fun" or the
only way to have "freedom". It may very well be fun for awhile. But the World will never
satisfy you. The world may seem "free" and you may be able to do anything without getting in
trouble from your parents, or other things, but you should really fear Him.
God is the freedom that's really free. Freedom from bondage, and sin.

                                        Because His truth, WILL set you free.

"For I know the plans I have for you; declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you; not to harm you.
                                        plans to give you, hope. And a future."
                                                         Jeremiah 29:11



  1. beautiful post!! Such wisdom and something I needed to hear! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Your sweet, Britt! And your very much welcome :) I love when I get comments like that.

  3. That was a beautiful post - thank you for sharing, Aaliyah.
    Perfection. ♥
    Tane xxx

  4. Awh thanks girlie :)


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