// "okay" //

i have often previously asked myself the question, 

"am i "okay" with God?"

what a rough spot to be in.

I personally hope I am never "okay" with God. 

I want to be more than that. 
I want to be on FIRE for God. 
not just questioning if i'm okay. 
sometimes we get this mindset that as long as we can make it into heaven by the skin 
of our teeth, we are fine. 
but, wheres the purpose in that? 
we make it in, but we have no treasures to lay at God's feet. 
we have nothing to show. 
I think that would be pretty.. shameful. 
so instead of worrying how far is to far, how about, how close can we get?!
this life isn't about us anyways. 
we are here for one purpose, and one purpose only. to give Him glory. 
giving your entire life up to God is "our reasonable service". 
and sometimes, or should i say a lot of times, that means giving many things you like up. 
but that's okay. 
we aren't here for ourselves anyway! 
we need to learn to be okay with giving our all. 
actually more than okay. 
learn to be happy to give your all. 
sometimes this means to go overseas and be a missionary with the risk of your life, 
or it might be that you have special talents to use, or giving up something you have, or like.
It can be big or small. 
both are equally as important when done with true obedience.
I strive for this, myself. 
I want to be the person who is thrilled at the thought of even dying for Jesus' name. 
I want to be so far gone in Him that nothing can distract me. 
I want my eyes to be fixed on Him, and Him alone. 

stay on fire. 
never be lukewarm. 
never, ever, lose your wonder for Him. 

Aaliyah xoxo


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