Bible Time! Lesson #3

Hello! I hope you enjoyed last weeks lesson! I know i did!
So heres lesson three! And I am Very,Very sorry that i did not post yesterday :( We (as in my family and I) Were gone all day long because we had some errands to do so there`s my explaintion!
Anyways lets get started!

                          Bible Dictionaries! (In this lesson you will need a Bible dictionary!)

1. The following words are from the chapters of Genesis that you will study in the next several lessond. Look up each word on the left. Write a phrase from the right to tell what it means!

A. Shinar  __________________                          a river
B. Euphrates ____________________                  a country
C. Firmament _____________________               the son of Seth
D. Covenant_______________________              an agreement
E. Enos      __________________________              the sky

 In Bible Times, People gave their children names that had special meanings. You can find the meanings of such names in most Bible dictionaries,right after the name. Look up the following Bible names and tell what they mean.

A. Abigail _________________________________
B. Isaac ____________________________________
C. Joshua ___________________________________
D. Peter______________________________________
E. Samuel _______________________________________
F. Noah ______________________
Sometimes you need to check the dictionary subheadings to find what you want. For example, most Bible dictionaries describe all kinds of Bible animals under a heading such as Animal,Animals or Animal Kingdom. Find the list of animals in your Bible dictionary.
Choose two that you are unfamiliar with, and briefly describe them.

Example: Coney- a rock badger.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I
  also hope you will join me next time!

Have A Very Blessed Day!

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