Kari Jobe // Chris Tomlin concert 2013!

Hey All!
I had someone by the name of Sara Jayne (she has a great blog by the way!) ask if I was going to post about the concert, which I was already planning on, so I am going to post about it now! And sorry about the blurryness of the pictures, but do keep in mind, it was a concert with people moving constantly!

                        Here are a few Kari Jobe pics. the last one (on the third row) is Chris Tomlin and Kari.

                             My friend Faith`s Kari Jobe bracelet, that says "HOPE" turns out Kari was wearing the
                            same bracelet at the concert!
Traffic as far as you can see!

This guy is "Wicky Wicky" the DJ there.

Chris Tomlin.

Chris and the DJ.

White Flag!

The audience with their White Flags.

Chris Tomlin and Kari share a song.

Throwing beach balls to the audience to throw around! My friend Faith got to take one home! The balls say "Chris Tomlin: Burning Lights "

Dancing to "God`s Great Dance Floor"

Dancing Kari!

My jacket I got at the concert!

And yes, I got it big for a reason, so if it shrinks, it will still fit!

                                                I hope you enjoyed the photos!


  1. Looks very fun! love the pics!!

  2. Thanks Girls!
    I had a great time!

  3. Thanks for the mention!! That seriously has made my day!! <3

    Oh I love the photos and that bracelet your friend got!! I've seen a photo on instagram with Kari Jobe wearing it!!

    Oh, it looks like it was a fantastic night!! Hopefully Kari Jobe comes to Australia so I can go see her!! :D

    Sara-Jayne xx

  4. Thanks Sara Jayne!
    That is neat that your from Australia! Do you have an accent?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Well I've been told I do... But I don't think I do... haha... The accent is sort of wired though, because the part of Australia that I live in we have weird half Australian half British accent...
    I don't know if that all made sense?! haha

  7. I got to see Kari Jobe at Winter Jam once and she was absolutely amazing!


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