Happy Spring! // My Life Lately..

Hello Darlin`s! How are ya`ll? Yeppp.. I am defiantly from Kentucky. (If you haven`t already noticed)
I am so happy it is finally Spring! Except, I think it might have actually snowed today :( So I have not been in the "Springy" mood. Sad. Sad I declare. So! Here are pictures of what I have been up too. It is mainly my photography, but also shows what has been going on.

This is what comes out of a last minute science project! Walking on eggs.  

My lovely Mother`s attempt at drawing a Lion for Josiah`s phonics.

First snow Glory played in!

Rides on horses! Ahh!

My no-heat-lazy-do-it-while-I-sleep curling method. And yes, those are socks. 

                                                 Welp, Happy Spring and I hope you have enjoyed these photos!


  1. I'm so happy that spring is here! Love those big blue eyes! Did you enhance them or they that naturally drop dead gorgeous?

  2. I love spring <3 Great photos!! :)

  3. Alicia,
    Thanks! I enhanced them just a little, but his eyes, are REALLY blue!

  4. Storyteller,
    Thanks alot!

  5. Your mother is quite a talented artist! ;)


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