10 Random Things About Me!

1.I Tend to be sensitive!
2.I do not like root beer.
3.I have a friend named Gidget.
4.I love to make homemade laundry detergant.! (will post recipe later!)
5.The last blog i looked at was http://tangerine-tane.blogspot.com/ (Fifth out of Ten)
6.I have a fear of crawdads!
7.My favorite color is blue.
8.I want to win a blog award, :) (hint hint!)
7.My favorite food is Tatertot Cassorole!
8. I am wearing Green and Blue right now.
9.The last thing i picked up was a sock! (weird i know!)
10. (last one!) I love coffee!!

May God Bless You And Keep You Always!

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