Bible Time! Lesson #2

Hello Again and welcome to lesson two in our Bible study!
I hope you enjoy this study as we learn more and more about the Bible!

                         How Should We Use The Bible?
                               The Bible is a Wonderful girt from God to man. But the Bible will not do us any good unless we use it. The Bible tells us how we should use it so that we can benifit from our gift.

Revelation 1:3

1.This verse pronounces a blessing on those who _______________
the Bible,_____________ its words and keep the things that are written in it.
2 Timothy 2:15

2.If we want to have Gods approval on our lives, we must ____________ the Bile and rightly divide (carfully use) its truths.

John 2:22

Like the disciples, we must remember the words of Jesus and _______________ the Scriptures.

                         Bet You Didn`t Know!
                         How Did The Bible Get it`s Name?

The word Bible comes from the greek word for book. The Greeks used the word biblos or biblion for a book because that was their word for papyrus. Papyrus is a lush, fast growing reed that grows along the edges of swamps and rivers. Men made paper and books from papyrus.
In our English Bibles, the Greek words biblos and biblion are never translated as Bible. But read the verses below which leave those words in thier original language.
``The biblos of generation of Jesus Christ`` Matthew 1:1
``The biblos of the words of Esaias the prophet`` Luke 3:4
``Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prohecy of this biblion`` Revelation 22:7
These Greek words help us to understand how the Bible got its name!

May God Bless You And Keep You Always!
P.S. Please join us for our next lesson! <3


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