Who`s Got The Yummiest Dish? Baking Contest!!

If you want to enter:

Please post a picture of the finished dish, on your blog and tell me in a comment below to tell me you are entering and put the link to your blog in the comment!
All ages are ALLOWED! YAY! lol

And your entries must be posted before February 29th

If you don't have a blog, that's O.K. just e-mail me at meeceaaliyah@yahoo.com

A poll will go out February 29th so your friends can vote for you.

You can advertise your dish on Facebook,Twitter, etc.

And YES If you win you will receive this award here

                                                If you cant see the words it says `` Who`s Got the Yummiest Dish?``

                             Please enter!


  1. I am doing a big giveaway on monday!Come over.

    Baking contest entery is Mountain cookies from my ;post snowmen party at http://savoriesoflife.blogspot.com/2012/01/snowman-party.html

  2. Are you joining the contest?


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