Bible Time!

Hello Agian! I will be starting a Bible Study every day.
I acually do this for my school, but i have learned SO much and I
thought you would like to learn with me!
After doing this your eyes will be opened to things you have never even thought about!
I will be starting at the beginning, although i am at Esau and Jacob!

*You will need a plain notebook (that has not been writen in! lol )
*A Pencil.
* A Bible
*Extra Time!

So what you will do is answer the questions i give with your Bible.
You will do the same thing every day! (don`t worry they are VERY short!) Here it goes!

                         Lesson #1 Introdution To The Bible.

2 Timothy 3:15-17 (part of the Bible you will need to go to)
Every verse in the Bible was inspired by God. This means even though men wrote the words of the Bible, God told them what to write. Because of this the Bible is the perfect Word of God.

1. According to 2 Tomothy 3:15, How long had Timothy known the Scriptures?_________________________________

2. The Scriptures are able to make us _______ unto salvation.

3.All Scrptures is given by_______________ of God. This means that the men who wrote the Scriptures received thier words from

4. Which statement is not true?
a.God inspired the Bible.
b.The Scriptures teach us true doctrine.
c.Timothy learned the Scriptures after he had grown up.

I hope that you have enjoyed this lesson and I also hope that you will join me in our next lesson!


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