More Q+A!

Hello again to my lovely followers! I think Tane and GodGirlz1 Have a few questions, and  another person which I am not sure of, and Summer maybe?? I can`t tell! So if you don`t mind can everyone that has filled out the survey, can you please comment? Thanks!

Anyways, Here are the questions!

What is your favorite hobby?

Well, I have a lot of things I like to do, but if I had to choose I am tied between drawing and sewing. Thanks for asking!

What religion are you?

I am a non-denominational Christian. I believe that everything in the Bible is true, and anything and everything God says we should obey it!

What is your favorite movie?

Well.. That is a very, very, very hard question! I like lots and lots of movies, but if I had to choose just one it would be October Baby!

Do you prefer Summer over Winter? Baking Over Reading?

To answer the first question, I defenitly prefer, Summer!

Second question, probably Baking.

You have such a beautiful blog design, did you do it?

No I did not! The wonderful and amazing Kendra Lynne did!
I am glad you like it!

What drove you to start a blg anyways?

Well, first my sister Amber (17) made herself one, and I looked at her blog, read her posts, and things, and I really wanted to make one after that! I felt like I had SO much to write about!  So I started out with Through His Eyes Photography. (9 followers) And then I decided I wanted more than just a photography blog, I wanted to make an  actual blog! So then I started this blog! Growing In His Image! Then after reading Fresh Modesty Fashion Blog, I wanted to do the same! To encourge girls to dress modestly! And that you could still look fashionable, but modest! So then I started Imperishable Beauty! And here I am! Great question!



  1. Such cool Q&As! :)
    P.S. I asked the last two questions... :D

  2. Hi! I was wondering how do i enter in a contest?

  3. Hello! I have been asking some of the questions, such as your favorite singer and such! Would you please follow me? I followed you. :D


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