UPDATE: On Bunnies.

Hello! I have some very sad news about the bunnies, and very good news also, and maybe a few pictures along the way! lol

So, the first to announce the very bad news....... :(
The 1st bunny had a *VERY* bad slit in the leg, bleeding from the mouth, and internal bleeding. Bunny #1 died this morning. It just stopped breathing all of a sudden.

Now for the good news! :D! Bunny #2 is doing GREAT! There is a picture below showing the *Only* injuries. (don`t worry it isn`t gross!)

Leg injury.(a tooth mark. nothing serious)
Right Below eye there is a little bitty tooth mark.

So Now here are more pictures of Bunny #1

It was burrowing in my skirt!

More updates to come!

Look how darling!


  1. They are soo cute!! How sad that one of them died :( What kind of animal got them? Do you know?

  2. Those poor sweet bunnies!
    Did you take them to the vet?

  3. So, their are still two left??? I hope they get better!

  4. Awe, Adorable! Hi, I was wondering if you could follow my blog? I'm trying to get enough so that I can do a photo contest! :) Thanks ~Julianna ♥

  5. I am so sorry that one died. Is bunny 1# doing ok still? Do you have name ideas? It might be fun to have a vote on what to name your bunny... you don't have to but it might be fun :D

    ~ Joyfull, Emily


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