Blog Party!

Yep! It`s true! So anyways lets get this thing started!

So the blog party is about FASHION!

So anyone that wants to participate is welcome! Young and Old!

So what you do is, you have to first put this button on your blog, and in your post taht your doing it. And then comment below and give me the link to your post!

Your post will be about you, and pick one shirt, skirt, acssorie, etc.
and wear the same item you choose for three days, and post what you wore with it everyday! Any Q`s? !!

Have Fun! ~Aaliyah~

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  1. Anonymous4/30/2012

    Hey There!
    This is KayleeBeth from raining daises.
    you commented asking if i could make you a design, i just wanted to let you know that i would love to :)
    just email me at: and we can work out the details :)


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