Everyone, PLEASE listen and help if you know how.

My brothers found 3 baby bunnies in our woods. The mama was killed, And one is already dead. Another, is bleeding from the mouth,
and the third is a LOT better than the others, but they all have (or had for one) wounds. PLEASE HELP! We are trying to keep them alive.

If you know how to help please email me at . Thanks.

                                                                (They are huddled together.)


  1. Take it to the vet!!
    That's what they are for! You tell them to fix them and make them better, because I know some vets don't want to have to take care of "wild animals"!
    I hope they don't die! :(

  2. Poor things!! I hope they are going to be alright!! We had rabbits, but they obviously weren't wild, so I'm not sure what you can do..

  3. Aww!:( I haven't ever had this happen, but take them to the vet!


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