My Birthday Presents.

Bonjour my lovelies! lol   {I love acting all French and stuff! lol Do you?}

As we all know, April 23rd was my Birthday, and this is what I got!

BEWARE OF LONG POST! {Not really! And I still haven`t posted about the zoo and Creation Museum! BEWARE of that! lol}
And there is also some random photo`s too! lol 

                                       So first off, I {finnaly lol} ordered a pair of TOMS!   YAYYY!!!! lol

My brother and I with my bike and his bike.

I also bought a bike!
With a Banana seat!!!! :D

                                                    The pattern that I ADORE!

I also bought a basket to go with it.
It comes off and on when you press that little red button.

Me with my bike!


And this is the random photo I was talking about!
Has any of you gals ever curled your hair with socks?


Ok, comment if you think with the rest of my Birthday money,
that I should get skirt #1 {below} or skirt #2?
Skirt #1

Skirt #2


  1. I Like skirt #2!!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. I love French!!
    Nice bike!!! I love it!!!
    Skirt 2 :D

  3. Happy late Birthday! That is such an adorable bike. Defintley skirt #2.

  4. They are both so lovely, would you be so kind as to tell me the store or webiste, where you can buy them?


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