Glory Auna....

Glory is was a little miracle to me.  I had been praying for a litte sister, ever since I knew how to pray. Mom had miscarried four little precious babies I will meet someday in Heaven. I was scared she wouldn`t make it. But she did. There was four boys before her, so I thought se would be a boy. As soon as my mom told me "Pink!" I jumped for joy! I was so happy! She is my little miracle. And I love her. Glory is also very.. Ummm... I don`t even know if "Rotten" is the word for her? hehe! She already ha a BIG personality, and she already says "No" and everything! She is adoreable though, and she is very funny, and she knows she is! hehe!            Glory loves, her chickens, fluff, hairbows, playing with the boys (I think she will grow up to be a tomboy!), cows, and her taters!

                       Glory, I love you! You are so special to me!
                                      Aweah loves you!

               I hope you have enjoyed, getting to know my siblings!


  1. too cute>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. P.S. what is the blue frog thing you use when people want to submit an entry?? How do I use it?

  3. That first picture? So adorable!!

  4. Bonjour ma cherie! You have been awarded at my blog! ♥ Come check it out?!


  5. Awe, cute!

    I awarded you :


  6. Hi Aaliyah!

    I just wanted to thank you sooo much for following my blog, The Ramblings of Emma! :) I sent my letter out!



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