Hey hey hey!
I am here today to bring you some music! *YELLS WITH JOY*
Here's just a couple I have been enjoying recently :)

"Brother" by The Brilliance 
I couldn't pick one to share, so I decided to post the albums namesake!
I just recently discovered Brill, and I love it. I didn't think I would, but I do. 
It's different. It's like worship, with a mix of classical in the background, but also contemporary..?
It's beautiful music, whatever it is. John Gungor from the band Gungor is in this band too, so it kinda has a Gungor feel. Haha, that's a lot of Gungor. I like it a lot, and it plays really frequently on my record player ;)

"Wholehearted" by For King and Country
I am an extreme FK&C lover. :)
They are for sure on my top three favorite bands list. 
I'm so glad they finally released this song out of Spotify! I love it. 

"You Alone" by Jon Foreman
Mhhmm. I love this song. In case you didn't know, Jon Foreman is the lead singer of the band Switchfoot,
but this song is from one of his solo albums.
It's so good. It has a lot of similarities to "Liberty" from Switchfoot. 
I REALLY like "Liberty" too. 

Welp. That's all from me for today! I'll be back very soon! :))
(pssstt.. im brewing up some exciting stuff later this month)


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